Jerez: Lukas Tulovic (GP Intact) inherits the pole / Moto2 EM

Jerez: Lukas Tulovic (GP Intact) inherits the pole / Moto2 EM

Lukas Tulovic continues his impressive qualifying streak despite relegation to Circuito de Jerez: The IntactGP Junior rider is also in the running for the fourth weekend of the 2022 Moto2 European Championship.

Jerez is the fourth channel of the 2022 JuniorGP series this weekend, which is also hosting the Moto2 European Championship. After three victories and two runners-up in the previous five races, Lukas Tulovic traveled to Andalusia as general manager, where a special test awaited drivers and teams on a 4.423-kilometer GP cycle in mid-summer heat.

On Saturday, Tulovic finished second in the first leg, 0.116 seconds behind Alex Escrig. The 22-year-old from Eberbach finished second in the playoffs, which was slow due to high temperatures, in the five.

At first it seemed as if the rank of Kalex pilot from the Liqui Moly Intact GP Youth Team would collapse. However, the Escrig time of 1: 42.541 minutes was later removed from the classification because the alleged column time was found under the yellow flag.

As a result, Tulovic will start from 1st place on the grid for the fourth time in a row at the fourth event of the season. Escrig, on the other hand, returned to 4th place in the combined periods, with Senna Agius, who was second in the European Championships, starting the race from 3rd on the grid.

“Qualifying really showed the state of affairs. We have always been first this season, this second time. It was the hardest this weekend, times do not come easily,” Tulovic admitted in an interview with

“The situation is difficult. There is heat and wind and I also left twice by force,” reported the EM leader. “So, thank you very much to the team, which did a great job with repairing the bike in a very short time so I could get out again in the second round. It was so important that I was able to get that feeling and honesty again.”

So the goal of the race is clear: “Tomorrow alpha and omega are to sit down and earn points – and of course finish as far forward as possible,” added “Tulo”.

Remember, all races continue as normal The official YouTube channel of the JuniorGP series to see.

Hours starting Sunday, July 3:

11:00: Race 1 JuniorGP (16 rounds)
12:00 pm: Race 1 NK (15 rounds)
1:00 pm: Race Moto2 (17 rounds)
2:00 pm: Race 2 JuniorGP (16 rounds)
3pm: Race 2 ETC (15 rounds)

Moto2 Europe Tournament, Combined Qualification Times, Jerez (July 2):

1. Lukas Tulovic, Kalex, 1: 42.657 minutes
2. Xavier Cardelús, Kalex, + 0.022 sec
3. Senna Agius, Kalex, +0.234
4. Alex Escrig, Kalex, +0.892
5. Roberto Garcia, Kalex, +1,141
6. Alex Toledo, Kalex, +1.175
7. Hector Garzo, MV Agusta, +1.304
8. Yeray Ruiz, Kalex, +1.332
9. Tommaso Marcon, Kalex, +1,594
10. Marc Alcoba, Kalex, +1,696

21. Nicolas Czyba, Yamaha *, +3,864
23.Kevin Orgis, Yamaha *, +4,606
27. Freddie Heinrich, Yamaha *, +6.045

* = stick

JuniorGP with qualifying times, Jerez (July 2):

1. Collin Veijer, KTM, min 1: 46.530
2. José Rueda, Honda, + 0.053 sec
3. Filippo Farioli, GASGAS, +0.096
4.David Alonso, GASGAS, +0.136
5. Syarifuddin Azman, Honda, +0.290
6. Angel Piqueras, Honda, +0.303
7.David Salvador, Huqvarna, +0.354
8. Harrison Voight, Honda, +0.445
9. Tatchakorn Buasri, Honda, +0.525
10. Luca Lunetta **, Husqvarna, +0.599

14. Noah Dettwiler, KTM, +1.121
17.Phillip Tonn, KTM, +1,192
29. Jakob Rosenthaler **, KTM, +2.361

** = Moved to the end of the grid for rotating