Joan Mir (Suzuki): Without a chance to win, it becomes useless / MotoGP

Joan Mir (Suzuki): Without a chance to win, it becomes useless / MotoGP

Joan Mir is confident and focused on the interview. He does not want to admit that he will win successfully under the 2022 MotoGP season. Nor does he see himself in the shadow of his colleague Alex Rins.

Joan Mir is still awaiting her first stage of the season, but being sixth in the World Championships ahead of the French Doctor in Le Mans, she has a good chance to start. He has already spoken to about Marc Márquez, in the second part of the 2020 world champion interview he also talks about the double-winner of this season Enea Bastianini and his Suzuki teammate Alex Rins.

But first we asked the 24-year-old Mallorquin about his long summer. 550 days have passed since Mir’s first and only victory in the first grade on November 8, 2020 in Valencia!

2022 is your fourth season in the MotoGP World Championships. In 2020 it became a world champion, last year it emerged third in the world championship – but has won only one MotoGP. What is your problem with wanting to win again?

Sana! All my work followed the same pattern: one year as a qualifier and the second year winning. That way I get motivated when I fight for victory and good results.

I think the day comes when I can no longer win, I will give up. Because in this world there are many things that are not desirable, for example all the trips. Continuing to do it when you have no chance of winning is meaningless from my point of view.

Not winning can also lead to frustration?


Time has passed since your last victory …

That is true, but I am fighting to win. You must know how to go through difficult times. In 2021 I remained unbeaten for the entire season, and nothing has happened in the last six races of this season. But I had a good race, I was fighting for a place in the World Cup table … In other words: I think I’m showing good performance. Can I be better off? Yes, I agree, but I could also be worse.

And then a driver like Bastian comes in and wins two races! How do you explain the Basinic phenomenon?

It is clear what is going on. He is a good rider, a top rider who has found a bike that works well and fits his riding style. We do not know if he will fight for the title to the end. But he is a very fast man.

After six major tournaments, the Bastians are third in the world championships – equal in points with Alex Rins. What is your partner doing best for you? He currently has 13 more points on account.

He had no problem with me in Portimão and never got an apology. That is the difference, otherwise I may be in front of it.

So he does nothing better than you?

No. Our performance is very similar in every song. Alex is a very fast young man, he is doing well now and he has been consistent. His start to the season was very good… I know my teammate is capable of doing. I know him very well.

Looking at you in a song gives the impression that one of your greatest strengths – your will to pass you by – is being used with minimal efficiency.

I do not agree with that at all. In Mandalika I started in 18th place and finished in sixth place. If you finish in 8th place on the grid in the qualifiers and then finish in sixth place in the race, you will have overtaken only two opponents. From the 8th to 4th position there are four. I am still right in that regard.

But it is also difficult to pass since the device trip length and winglets and they were all introduced. That is a fact. Nowadays, if you are riding on a slippery line of another rider and rider on the front brakes, you will not be able to stop the bike if you break it at the same time with him. You have to break it first, you have to count it, every time.

I do not care when it comes to excess. But it is true that it is becoming increasingly difficult and difficult for everyone. Previously, tire wear, wheel orientation and everything else had to be managed. Now you are speeding up and so on.

Are you a runner 24 hours a day, seven days a week?

Yes. I would like to say no, but it will not be true. Ask Alejandra! I find it very difficult to turn it off. I always think about how I can improve. And it has been so for many years now.

Is your wife Alejandra escorting you to the race?

He comes to the race when he wants to, but only on Sundays.

I ask this because the racetracks are your “office”. It is difficult for a person to bring his girlfriend to the office …

That is a phrase I have often said myself! Running is my job and here I am focusing on what I have to do. Alejandra could still come because she is always calm and understands time because she was an athlete herself.

Because of my work ethic, I prefer to be 100% focused on race weekends. After the race I am open to anything. Alejandra understands that alone. It’s not like I had to tell him that.

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