John West unmarked no more – after 120 years, an Idaho legend gets a gravestone

John West unmarked no more – after 120 years, an Idaho legend gets a gravestone

For more than a century, the whereabouts of John West, an Idaho legend, had remained a mystery. That changed in 2017 when a gravestone was finally erected in his honor, 120 years after his death.

West was an early settler of Idaho, arriving in the late 1800s. He is remembered for his exploits in the area, ranging from navigating the Snake River to discovering gold in the local mountains. He was known by many as an adventurous and daring spirit and had a reputation among locals for being a fearless explorer.

However, West’s final resting place had remained unknown until recently. That changed in 2017, when a group of researchers led by Idaho State University archaeologist, Dr. Teresa Jordan, uncovered evidence of West’s burial site in the foothills of the Owyhee Mountains. The team used historical records and modern mapping technology to pinpoint the exact location of West’s burial and, with the help of a local historical society, erected a gravestone to mark the spot.

The gravestone, which is inscribed with West’s name and a brief summary of his life, is a fitting tribute to the pioneer who helped shape the state of Idaho. It is a reminder of West’s contributions and a symbol of the state’s commitment to honoring its history.

The gravestone, which stands as a reminder of West’s legacy, is a welcome sight to locals and visitors alike. For 120 years, John West had been unmarked, but now, thanks to the efforts of Dr. Jordan and her team, he is no longer forgotten.