Judge approves Mount Cashel victims claims process, says ‘Let’s get on with it’

Judge approves Mount Cashel victims claims process, says ‘Let’s get on with it’

A Judge has given his official approval to a claims process for the victims of Mount Cashel, urging that action be taken immediately.

Ruling from the bench, Justice Richard LeBlanc expressed his hope that the process would finally bring resolution to the long-standing grievances of the victims of the notorious orphanage.

“Let’s get on with it,” he declared, giving his official stamp of approval to the scheme.

The process, which will provide victims with an opportunity to receive compensation for their suffering, has been the subject of protracted legal wrangling. But with his ruling Justice LeBlanc has definitively resolved the dispute, allowing the claims to move forward.

This groundbreaking decision has brought a sense of optimism to those who have been affected by the Mount Cashel tragedy. After years of anguish, they now have a chance to finally receive justice and compensation for their suffering.

The process is expected to begin shortly, with claimants submitting their applications and the compensation being paid out in a timely fashion.

Justice LeBlanc’s decision marks a momentous occasion for victims of Mount Cashel, as a long-awaited opportunity for closure and reparation has finally been made available. His demand that action be taken without further delay provides a beacon of hope for those who have suffered so much and for so long.