Justin Bieber sells his entire music catalog for billions

Justin Bieber sells his entire music catalog for billions

Justin Bieber sells music catalog for about R$ 1 billion. (Photo: Play/Instagram).

after going around rumours of what Justin Bieber would be selling his collection of songs, confirmation came this Tuesday (24). The singer struck a deal to buy the publishing rights to all 290 titles on his music catalog, released through 2021, for Hypgnosis Song Managementin collaboration with funds supported by Blackstone Inc.

According to Rolling Stone USA, the contract was signed for more than 200 million US dollars (more than 1 billion dollars at current prices). With that, this is the biggest fair sale for any artist of the new generation.

According to information from sources provided by Different, Justin Bieber’s music will continue to be managed by his label, Universal Music. Other artists like The beginning, the gray of the sky, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Shakira, Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Motley Crüe they have also sold their music catalogs.

In a press release, Merck MercuriadisExecutive Director of Hypgnosis Song Management commented on the acquisition of the Canadian singer’s music collection:

“The effect of Justin Bieber in international culture in the past 14 years has been incredible. At just 28 years old, he is one of the few artists who defined the streaming era that revitalized the entire music industry, with nearly 82 million monthly listeners and over 30 billion streams on Spotify alone.

Earlier, the American magazine Billboard revealed that Iggy Azalea sold its major recording and publishing catalog for an eight-figure sum to Domain Capital.

The rapper’s discography includes such hits as concept with Charli XCX, Black widow with Rita Ora, The problem with Ariana Grande, among other hits. Marketing guarantees a quick amount of money.

The companies that acquired the songs will own the royalties, licenses and brand agreements. They will also be able to decide in which media (TV shows, movies, commercials) the songs will appear.

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Rafael Lima

Jornalimo from the Federal University of Sergipe (UFS). He has worked in communication consulting and producing music reviews since 2020 on social media. Passionate about the world and pop culture, he has been researching and producing niche content since 2019.

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