Justyna Steczkowska will be 50 any minute!  How will he spend his birthday?  – Super Express

Justyna Steczkowska will be 50 any minute! How will he spend his birthday? – Super Express

Justyna Steczkowska is one of the most famous Polish singers, songwriter, violinist and composer. He is the winner of many and different awards, including. six Fryderyk, two Wiktor, Amber Nightingale and others. The singer’s musical achievements include 16 studio albums, 300 songs, about 40 music videos and several thousand concerts played. It can be said with a clear conscience that Justyna Steczkowska occupies one of the leading places among the queens of the Polish stage!

Recently, On August 2, 2022, the singer will celebrate his 50th birthday. In an interview with “Chama” magazine, Steczkowska admitted that this day will be special for her. As it turns out, he hopes to enter the next decade of life.

The truth is, I don’t think I’ve ever felt as good as I do now. When I turned 30, I went through a lot, and I thought things would be good from then on. A decade later, I was lucky enough to be forty. But now it’s even better! I am happy, relaxed, I have more freedom and understanding of myself and the world. I am kind to everyone around me.

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The singer added that he doesn’t want to do any highlights at the next round’s birthday event. He assured her that he does them every day and is grateful for the good times and the bad, because they have taught him a lot.

I am 50 years old, I love life and I use my hands. I have peace in my heart and mind, which also translates into my personal affairs. I am the best mother to my children, partner to my husband, with whom we had ups and downs – said “Party”.

Steczkowska planned to spend the whole month of August in the festival area, but especially at the request of her children: Leon (22), Stanisław (17) and Helena (9), she would take a day off on her birthday. The star does not like surprises, but at the thought of it he is very happy. But that’s not all. Her husband, Maciej Myszkowski, also has a special gift for her. The married couple will go on a romantic trip to Italy with other friendly couples.

This is how Justyna Steczkowska was preparing for the wedding! Check out the photos in our gallery!

Justyna Steczkowska in Opole. Aiming for a new sound!


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