Justyna Steczkowska’s mother is dead.  The singer showed him in black and white photos

Justyna Steczkowska’s mother is dead. The singer showed him in black and white photos

For many stars, Mother’s Day is an opportunity to show off their parents in public or wish them well. Many of them on this day put on a close person who owes them a lot. Others focus on and reflect on wonderful women who, unfortunately, are no longer with us. In November 2020, Justyna Kowalczyk’s mother died. On this special day, the artist named a loved one.

Entry evokes emotional tears. There are many encouraging comments. The singer himself gave her a beautiful statement in which she mentions that she still misses her mother.

Justyna Steczkowska remembers her mother

My dear mother already among the angels. I miss her … and I miss her smile. When I look at this picture, I remember all the happy times he gave me. I myself am a happy mother – wrote Justyna Steczkowska in social networks.

Danuta Steczkowska was a singing and music teacher. He had nine children. He died 3 years ago after being beaten 2 times before. His children took great care of him in the last months of his life and he passed away in a peaceful family atmosphere.

The singer added in his post that he loves his children more than life and is grateful that they appeared in his life. singer he even explained that his big dream came true with success that cannot be compared to others.

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Netizens comment on the memory of Justyna Steczkowska’s mother

The post got a lot of reactions and comments from Internet users. They write warmly about Justyna Steczkowska’s mother.

Oh, I remember how beautifully you took care of your mother. Long walks, collecting plastic bottles on walks and how you read to your mother in the garden – writes a fan.

Touch images. Miss Justyna, I hug you with a warm heart and wish you all the best for Mother’s Day – writes the Internet user.

I have the same feeling in my life the woman sees.

Justyna Steczkowska did her daughter’s fellowship

Justyna Steczkowska, as she herself mentioned, is a mother and celebrated the union of her daughter a few weeks ago. Reports from this event spread online and one wonders what little Helena will spend the money she received.

It turns out that the girl is already collecting money for her house. This is a wonderful technique for a child who is only a few years old. However, the mother confirmed that she is proud of her daughter’s mature approach.

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