Kamil looks at: Kia ProCeed GT |  Measurements

Kamil looks at: Kia ProCeed GT | Measurements

If we don’t like to get bored, and in our life we want to feel a little extravagance, when we enter the Kii showroom in search of a practical compact, the ProCeed will catch our attention, especially in the GT version. Well, an example is a common example shot brakein other words, we are dealing with a sports center car with a rear body line reminiscent of a car type. a copy. This is bigger difference between the classic Kia and the lackluster Ceed SW.

I got a Kia for a test Continue in Infra Red, which is very important because this painting perfectly hides the red stimuli that are characteristic of the GT version. In this case, for example, black or blue would be perfect. Tested copy is after face liftwhich means a modified front bumper with lights, and at the back, the tailpipes are round in shape.

The interior also has red accents in the form of stitching on the steering wheel, leather and suede seats and GT badges. As with the previously tested Stinger, I must also praise the ergonomics in the Kia ProCeed. In fact, within minutes of picking up the keys, I knew how to multitask. Everything is close here. A large contribution to a large number of bonds at current rates physically. The touchscreen is a central screen with a 10.25-inch horizontal screen. The digital display in front of the driver is clear and simple, we will not find it difficult here what work to provide vehicles from the group VAG.

The tested Kia ProCeed had a sound system signed by the logo JBL – 8 speakers with a power of 320 Watts together with subwoofer. It’s quite decent for this class of car, although the quality is comparable to that of many D-segment audio systems. Finishing the topic related to the interior, I must add that the seats are comfortable, or rather not uncomfortable. I did at the same time 500 km route and I could go ahead, because this car swallows even kilometers.

Under the hood of the Kia ProCeed is a unit that I know from Hyundai I20N with the difference that the more practical Kia comes with a double clutch as standard machine and seven ratios. How about guidance brilliant to match the character of the I20N, so that the DCT transmission is perfectly compatible with the ProCeed GT.

On the one hand, we can relax while driving slowly and machine He drives the next gears out of sight. Switching to game mode causes the gearbox to hold high revs, and the computer, especially in manual mode, allows you to drag the pointer from the tachometer to the red field. During the test, I do not remember that there was a jerk, a delay or a mistake in part slot machine DCT. Maybe DSG it will be a little faster, but this is already reading the tea leaves. During daily use, it is very good and it is difficult to stick to anything in this aspect.

The Kia ProCeed is not one of the most powerful propositions on the market. Turbocharged The 1.6-liter engine produces 204 hp and 265 Nm maximum torque transmitted to the front axle. First hundred 7.5 seconds should appear. Of course, this is not a major league show, but trust me, it is especially if we will ride the Kia ProCeed GT. One more topic burn before proceeding and the most interesting – proceed the route will be 6-7 liters, on the highway we should consider the result of 8.5 liters, and in the city it will be 9-10 liters.

Handling is direct, which is rare in a world where there is a drivera there are many wheels electricity – switched on the idea comes to me to be tested Cupra Leon 300. Furthermore, Kia ProCeed, because of its good stability and power, encourages you in Sport mode to take your favorite turns quickly. The good grip is probably due to the new Michelin Pilot Sport 4 summer tires, which were mounted on 18-inch tires. rims – hide single red brake reserved for GT models. Sports mode also activates the “buzzing” exhaust system, similar sounds come out from under the hood, which gives the impression that something is broken, and it’s boring on a long road.

And if we combine it all with a practical body that is not without style, we have an absolutely attractive proposition everyday and game tip. Especially when we consider that the boot is stackable and offers 594 liters of capacity.

The Kia ProCeed GT is definitely a great car for people who want something more than a practical station wagon, and at the same time value dynamics and good handling. Car it’s an alternative to what I had the opportunity to experience while driving the larger Stinger. ProCeed GT can, however, convince with the price, because the fully equipped copy is like a test, who there is nothing missing must cost 150-160 thousand zlotys. I wrote “must”, because on the day of collecting the car for the test, the GT version disappeared from the price list, and currently the ProCeed is only available with the 1.5 turbo engine. After all, Kia ProCeed GT is worth considering, so it is worth looking for a copy, for example protest.

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