Katarzyna Tusk is ready for Halloween.  She looks like Hermione twice

Katarzyna Tusk is ready for Halloween. She looks like Hermione twice

Every year, by the way Halloween, celebrities compete in inventing the most spectacular disguises. The German model has been considered a champion in Halloween fashion for years Heidi Klum. In Poland, this holiday is also gaining more and more followers. Now he has joined the fun Katarzyna Tusk. Influencer decided to play the role of Hermione Granger and “Harry Potter“.

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Katarzyna Tusk dressed as Hermione from “Harry Potter”: little Hagrid came out. Fans have different opinions

In the Harry Potter film series, the character of Hermione Granger was played by a British actress Emma Watson. Katarzyna Tusk She carefully prepared the components of her Halloween costume. So it could not be missed black cape, pleated a skirt and a necktie with the Gryffindor crest.

Katarzyna Tusk did not forget about Hermione’s hairstyle. So he chose to relax and be proud hair. Donald Tusk’s daughter was probably not entirely satisfied with the effect. He self-critically admitted that in that hair he resembled Hagrid’s character.

It was supposed to be Hermione, but a little Hagrid came out – Katarzyna Tusk wrote on Instagram.

Katarzyna TuskKatarzyna Tusk Photo Instagram.com/makelifeeasier_pl

More photos of Katarzyna Tusk can be found in the gallery at the top of the page.

Celebrity fans, however, had a different opinion. There were many compliments in the comments.

Kasia, you are just like Emma.

Not like Hagrid at all! Beauty!

Hermione went mad.

Cold! There are indeed similarities.

Hermione is here. Without doubt.

These are just some of the comments that appeared under Katarzyna Tusk’s Instagram post. Let’s add that he didn’t just decide to disguise Hermione during this year’s Halloween. He also had the same idea Wiktoria Gąsiewskawhich appeared in Hermione’s costume at a Harry Potter themed party.

Wiktoria GąsiewskaWiktoria Gąsiewska dressed as Hermione. He was so crazy at the party