Kate and William will not visit Meghan and Harry in the United States.  Here’s why!

Kate and William will not visit Meghan and Harry in the United States. Here’s why!

Prince Harry more than two years ago he separated from the royal family, which his wife persuaded him, Meghan Markle. The actress did not like the manners in the royal court, in addition, other members of the royal family did not have a good opinion of her.

This move, however, had its consequences – The Sussexes were cut offin addition, a conflict arose between Harry and William. The older brother could not forgive the younger brother for opposing his own family.

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, it was possible to get the impression that the relationship between them has become warm and that the brothers are once again close to each other. Apparently, however, it is not so much that Kate and William, being in the United States, where Harry and Meghan live, came to visit them.

Prince William announced his departure for the USA in the video, revealing that they are flying to Boston to attend the Earthshot Awards for Environmental Pioneers on December 2.

Currently, Kate and William are taking a break from royal duties, Meghan and Harry, in turn, were to return to the United States shortly after the queen’s funeralwhere they left their children under the care of a nanny.

Many people expected that perhaps the trip to the United States would be an opportunity for the brothers to meet privately. Unfortunately, nothing like this is planned. Kate and William will only do their dutyand there is no place in their schedule to visit Meghan, Harry and their children, whom they have not seen for a long time.

Do you think William still can’t forgive Harry for breaking away from the royal family and for the famous interview with Oprah Winfrey where Meghan smeared the Windsors?

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