Katowice is undergoing a smart revolution

Katowice is undergoing a smart revolution

Smart activities are implemented in Katowice in many areas. One of the most important aspects is ecology, the fight against pollution, transport and new technologies. The city is considering development under the smart sign.

These innovative solutions include the Katowice Intelligent Monitoring and Analysis System (KISMiA), which has been operating since the beginning of 2017. It consists of almost 300 cameras – rotating and recording a fixed area – connected to a single network operated by special software. The IT technology used supports the detection of events, such as, for example, a collision of vehicles or a crowd of people, and if the eye of the camera catches such an event, the system notifies the distributors about it.

The Katowice Intelligent Monitoring and Analysis System also supports the control of roads in the city. The LPR (License Plate Recognition) camera units, located at the entrances to the city, do not monitor the speed of vehicles in the city, but are used to monitor the flow of traffic on the main roads of Katowice.

Priority for public transport and traffic announcements

In the near future, Katowice will get another smart tool that will improve navigation in the city infrastructure. The Road Traffic Management System (ITS) is under construction. HIS, using cameras to monitor traffic conditions, will analyze the amount of traffic and adjust the work of traffic lights. Most importantly, it should aim to facilitate the priority adoption of public transport vehicles – buses and trams. However, these are not the only functions of the system. – In addition, a great convenience for drivers will be the appearance of 17 VMS information boards, so-called different message letters. They will be located in important areas of the city, which will allow drivers to decide to change the route in the city center, for example, in the event of an accident or traffic jams. – informs Piotr Handwerker, director of Local Municipal Administration and Mostów Katowice.

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The intended effect is, on the one hand, better travel by public transport, and on the other hand, smoother traffic. The ecological aspect is also important in terms of reducing the amount of exhaust fumes released into the atmosphere and reducing noise. The planned value of the project is more than PLN 85 million, of which more than PLN 67 million is financed from the Regional Operational Plan of the Śląskie Voivodeship for 2014-2020. Completion of the construction of the system is expected in the second half. of next year.

A new trend in parking

In ul. Tylna Mariacka Street, the foundations of the first automated parking facilities in Katowice have been prepared. Works related to the reconstruction of the communication system are also in progress. Although the automatic parking function may seem complicated, the device is designed to be convenient and safe for drivers. – Special devices such as optical sensors and warning lights help to place the car correctly on the platform, similar to the use of a direct car wash. Thanks to this, the car will be able to be safely placed on the ground. When picking up the car, after paying the parking fee, the device will automatically bring the car and allow you to leave the parking lot. In addition, the storage of the car directly should be monitored, and the transporters will supervise the safety – says Agnieszka Dutkiewicz, deputy director of construction of technical infrastructure in the company Katowickie Inwestycje SA – acting as an alternative investor.

Investments of more than PLN 20 million should be handed over to drivers by the end of this year. As a result of the investment, two sets of machines will be installed – one over 67 m long and the other over 45 m long. They will handle 240 vehicles in total. Surprisingly, due to the height of the equipment, which is 17 m, the infrastructure can also work as an acoustic screen, preventing the sound of the railway from reaching this part of Śródmieście.

Technology helps you save

The media and water monitoring system (SMiS) includes, among others, electricity meters, heat meters, water meters, heat node controllers, air handling unit controllers, boiler room controllers and additional air parameter sensors in public utility buildings. The system was launched in November 2021 – in 61 facilities, such as City Hall buildings. sports facilities of the Municipal Sports and Recreation Center, but also municipal nursery buildings, schools and cultural institutions. Additionally, an Inland System Operator position was created in the Office of Energy Management.

Towards a better future

These are not the only solutions that can be used in Katowice. The city is constantly expanding the city bike rental offer, and in the Paid Parking area it has designated an “envelope” for car sharing vehicles. The networks of motorcycles and electric motorcycles are also well developed. Ecological transportation is also supported by extensive infrastructure. of charging stations for electric cars. Katowice is the first city in Poland to comply with the law on electric mobility and alternative fuels in the field of charging infrastructure. There are about 150 charging stations for electric cars in the city.

Source: City Hall in Katowice

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