Kęka and war with the Kia brand.  The rapper released a new song

Kęka and war with the Kia brand. The rapper released a new song

The drama from the rapper with a Kia car has been going on since 2019. Kęka was included in the “problem” with a single called “Unaweza mi”.

Kęka and his love affair with the Korean brand

In 2019, the rapper from Radom became the proud owner of a Kia Sportage car. His happiness did not last long, as there were technical problems with the car from the beginning. Taking to social media, Piotr expressed his “deep regret” because his dream car spends more time on the site than in his garage. In June, he published an entry that Sportage spent almost three months on the web in six months. When a photo of the rapper’s car in a tow truck appeared on Instagram, the “wash bucket” was spilled on the Korean brand. The characters themselves tried to intervene and come out with the whole situation face to face. In the rapper’s entry on Tuesday, we read how Kia responded to the unsavory post on social media.

“For me, in this whole story, worse than these ongoing explosions, because these, not the only ones, that the car had, was the opinion of the brand, which they write” that they regret that they have discovered through social. media and regret that they could not fix it before announcing it […] And for me, the whole thing would end with the comment “sorry, we’re taking care of it.” Greetings” without trying to hide it. Well, everyone has different levels of service

“You can *** Kia”!

“Siara” in his style summed up his “bad” love for brands. The “punch line” for the whole situation is the clip “You Can Me”, released today. It’s not a song that directly describes a bad Sportage or customer dissatisfaction. The clip, full of metaphors, is like a letter to a loved one, written by a writer about a broken heart. After what the author presented, the Kia brand must work hard, because the rapper’s work is the perfect marketing of the company. He encourages you to listen to his new clip your instagram.

“You won’t see or hear anything stupid today. “You Mi” is a pastiche of love songs about a broken heart. The story of a broken relationship is fictional. Any resemblance is unfortunate. And what’s left is laughter through tears”

Image source: portal glamrap.pl.