Ken Roczen (Suzuki) explains shock blast / US Supercross

Ken Roczen (Suzuki) explains shock blast / US Supercross

The team has never seen the devastating explosion that caused Ken Roczen’s crash in the Nashville final in this form. The blown shock absorber was almost new. It is still unclear how long Roczen will be out.

The technical fault that caused Ken’s accident Rockzen in the final of Nashville it will now be thoroughly investigated by the team. “The anti-shock device was only in use for about three hours. “We’ve never seen a problem like this before,” explained the German. “The wet housings completely exploded on landing.”

Rockzen appeared in the finale of Nashville up P2 Sleeping rough and fighting with Eli Tomac (Yamaha) for the lead role when the drama happened and he stepped in without faltering Wow! order. “I thought so Rodeo riding “More fun,” he could at least joke again. Without a damper but with full spring force, he was hit by his motorcycle.

Exiting the 8th round looked dangerous and could certainly lead to serious injuries. All that has been confirmed so far is that the German did not suffer any fractures, but other areas such as nerves could be affected. That’s why we have to Monday MRTs results.

“You can’t just knock down a German oak tree like that,” he quipped Rockzen. “We’ll be back. I don’t know exactly when.”