Kepa was surprised by the idea of ​​Todd Boehly.  “You Can’t Know”

Kepa was surprised by the idea of ​​Todd Boehly. “You Can’t Know”

Todd Boehly’s words echoed loudly throughout the English football world. During the interview, the co-owner of Chelsea came up with the idea of ​​organizing a Premier League star match in the future. This bold idea caused an uproar among football experts in England. Many of them were skeptical about the idea, but Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga was more gentle.

Todd Boehly is seen as a colorful character in the Major League. The American businessman has recently entered the world of football, and is already one of the owners of the club.

All this is due to taking many steps and the desire to live fully in the society of the big clubs of England. The American certainly introduces some kind of novelty to the league, which some experts do not like at all. In their opinion, Boehly really wants to “do American football”. There are different opinions on this Kepa Arrizabalagawho seemed to want to know the idea of ​​his boss.

It will be a good game, there are many good players in the league north and south. We’ll see, it’s a new idea, but I don’t know when we would play this match.

Heard something about it, but didn’t see Todd talk about it. This is a brand new idea, so you never know. We would need to know a little more about this.