Kia: 1.6 million EVs per year by 2030

Kia: 1.6 million EVs per year by 2030

UP AND UP – Executive Director of KiaHo Sung Song (pictured above), during’Investor Day 2023 showed the new strategy of the Korean company. The company, on the wave of success achieved by the launch of a new line of electric vehicles, revises its estimates related to not only the latter, but also to the total number. Expected numbers by 2030 is to give 4.3 million cars per year (2023 target is 3.2 million), of which 2.38 million will have to be electric and hybrid vehicles, an increase of approximately 300,000 units compared to the target announced last year. The electricity in 2030 they will be close 1.6 million of units; also in this case it is a high estimate compared to the estimate of 1.2 million made in 2022.

15 ELECTRICITY BY 2027 – To achieve this great goal, Kia will expand its scope of IVwhen you arrive 15 models by 2027. After the establishment of Kia EV6A seven-seat electric crossover will arrive this year EV9, which will be placed at the top of the column. The goal for 2023 is to sell 258,000 electric cars. In the medium term, a smaller crossover is also expected EV5. In 2025, the brand will also launch a medium-sized car fitted to the fleet, with the aim of organizing robotaxi ship automatic driving. The premium GT trim level will be available for every EV model sold.

DEDICATED FACTORY – Inside of 2024 Kia will launch its first to be established dedicated to electric vehicles in Gwangmyeong, on the outskirts of Seoul. The Korean company will produce its mid-to-large EVs in the US, starting in 2024, while compact and mid-size models will also be assembled in Europe.

IMAGE ENHANCEMENT – Korean manufacturer wants i electric cars in 2030 to contribute 53% of profit general company. According to CEO Song, the power supply transition will help the company strengthen its brand identity. In 2021, Kia changed the font, logo and design, in addition, the corporate strategy was thoroughly revised. As a result, the value of the brand has increased significantly.

FREE DRIVE – Other highlights of Kia’s strategy include the introduction of automatic driving level 3 in EV9 in 2023, and reach carbon neutrality by 2045.

HE WANTS TO GET MORE – These changes will also be implemented due to the growth of operating marginexpected of 9% in 2026 was born 10% in 2030. The CEO said that by improving the image and perception of the brand, the company will focus on selling high-end models, which will ensure a higher level of hospitality. The margin increase will also come from a 55% reduction in battery costs by 2030, compared to 2018 prices.