Kia Carens crossover received a new top version X-Line: premium, not off-road

Kia Carens crossover received a new top version X-Line: premium, not off-road

The more expensive version was distinguished by its decoration and an extended list of accessories. The new version is available with petrol or diesel engines.

The current three-row Kia Carens debuted in late 2021 and is based on the Seltos SUV. An example is a combination of a van and a crossover, that is, it is a crossvan. The main market for fresh Carens is India, where the main production site is located. At the same time, the crossvan has not been exclusively domestic: today it is also sold in countries in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and South Asia. However, it is the Indian Karen who is the first to try all the new things: such a car has got the X-Line package.

In general, Kia usually marks the “off-road” versions of its models with an “X”. However, things are different with Carens: this name is used for a new luxury version. Its features are the unique matte color Matte Graphite (gray), extended black exterior decoration, 16-inch wheels of a special design, silver front brake calipers and green “leather” upholstery in the cabin.

In addition, the list of standard equipment Kia Carens X-Line is supplemented with a separate display for the rear passenger, and there is only one: a 10.1-inch tablet is attached to the headrest of the front passenger seat (in India). is on the left). And the rear part of the “climate” control is built behind the driver’s seat – this solution is also used in other expensive versions of the crossvan. Otherwise, the equipment of the X-Line is the same as that of the top Luxury Plus version: there is a Bose audio system, skylights, a sunroof, front air seats, a multimedia system and a 10.25-inch touch screen. , rearview camera and Cruise control. Carens X-Line comes exclusively with six seats, while in other trim levels you can choose a seven-seat interior.

The top crossover is offered with two engines to choose from: 1.5 T-GDI petrol turbo-four (160 hp, 253 Nm) and 1.5 CRDi VGT turbodiesel (116 hp, 250 Nm). The first engine is connected to a seven-speed robotic gearbox with two sticks, the second is equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission. For the simpler versions, the 1.5-liter gasoline engine (115 hp, 144 Nm) is also offered with a six-speed manual transmission. In any case, the car is a front wheel drive only.

Kia Carens X-Line petrol costs 1,894,900 rupees, which is equivalent to approximately 2,246,000 rubles at the current exchange rate. For the top crossvan with a diesel engine they ask 1,944,000 rupees (about 2,304,000 rubles). Well, the basic and aspirated Carens 1.5 costs from 1,044,900 rupees (1,238,000 rubles).