Kia Ceed CD (since 2018): used car check

Kia Ceed CD (since 2018): used car check

Believable but boring? Just an interesting thanks for the guarantee? All nonsense. Kia Ceed ends the relationship with the legalization. The compact has been shining with excellent test ratings since 2018 – and that too for a long time. We looked for defects and found nothing to mention.

A neighbor is looking for a new car. Expectations? Something modern. Size? Big enough. And otherwise? A used item perhaps … If you are familiar with specific conversations like a car connoisseur, you may have already recommended the current Kia Ceed. Since 2018 it has been ahead of the tiger’s nose in many comparative tests. Rich materials, good craftsmanship, modern looks, hassle-free handling and above all Kia trumps the old seven-year warranty guarantee high marks.

And what catch? Does said guarantee always have to be sought? Absolutely not.

Body: pure substance

Sister brands Hyundai and Kia have learned all about consumer tastes in their target markets over the past few decades. In terms of appearance and form, the Ceed in its various variants forms the successful combination of the compact format imaginable, from the Astra to the Octavia to the CLA Shooting Brake. The result is also noiseless, corrosion resistant and low wind noise. The bottom does not shine with layers of wax, but it does not have dirty metal edges or dirty corners that promote rust. If you don’t drive on road salt all the time and clean the bottom regularly, you have nothing to fear later. Depending on the first delivery (eg to Scandinavia), some copies are subsequently stamped by the seller. A little special feature: Unfortunately, no Ceeds have a trailer hitch from the factory in Slovakia. It has only original equipment and is only installed at the dealer.

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As a small five-door car, a used Ceed is almost always the cheapest deal. The spacious station wagons are slightly higher, the ProCeed and XCeed more expensive.

Interior: High quality, not always heard

Good – so if there are no problems to be found on the sheet metal clothing, we are committed to the interior. We know from the new factory test car that everything looks well made and is easy to use. But even our used candidate with at least 62,000 kilometers on the counter does not compromise here. In fact, good feelings come only where the eye and the hand fall frequently. In the lower part of the cockpit in particular, there is more hard plastic, as is usual for this class, and not everywhere high-quality carpets – free.

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Stylish, cleanly finished, clear and good ergonomics. The cockpit is very well done, if not giving it away.

The complaints of many owners about the noise of creaking and cracking in the door panels and near the center of the weapon have more weight. Examples of this can be found throughout the years of construction. However, our photo drive is not affected.

Engine: unremarkable

Our 2018 photo car was sold in February 2023 for 20,850 euros at the Feser Scharf Metropol Automobile Kia store in Roth, Franconia, and has a 136 hp diesel engine with a seven-speed DCT. Both are still on the price list today. If you look hard enough, you’ll find that at the end of the 2018 model year, the diesel regularly had problem injectors, which were all replaced as a sign of goodwill. However, our Kia dealership manager, Sebastian Weißmüller, saw only a few affected vehicles.

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The 136 hp diesel is a good choice because it is economical. But you can’t go wrong in the engine range anyway.

Petrol engines are currently more in demand than diesel. This is where the journey begins with the one-liter three-cylinder, which is available in 100 and 120 hp, but always produces 172 Newton meters. Both drives are adequate for city traffic and frequent country trips. Like all other gasoline engines, the small engine has a permanent timing chain. Powerful four-cylinder turbos with 140 to 204 horsepower on them. What they all have in common is the clear nature of not having problems. There are no real Achilles heels. Those who like it completely indestructible can also leisurely choose the 1.4-liter petrol engine with 99 hp.

Transmission: From facelift with automatic clutch

Since the summer of 2020, anyone who prefers a manual transmission has been able to get an activated clutch with this engine (not the other way around). The abbreviation IMT (Intelligent Manual Transmission) stands for the ability, for example, to switch to coast mode when driving downhill for a long time and even to turn off the engine without the driver turning off the clutch. If motion is required again, the drive retracts invisibly. Nothing changes in the operation of the clutch pedal and gear lever. Savings (according to Kia up to ten percent) largely depend on the driving profile. A diesel engine was also available with a standard clutch and 115 hp until the end of 2020.

Check used car Kia Ceed CD

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DKG in Kia is annoying with the often conservative switching program. It would be much easier to drive if the highest gear didn’t come by hook or by crook as quickly as possible.

Chassis: Not emotional, but safe to drive

The chassis also remains noiseless on the test drive – this should be the case for samples with high mileage. The permanent front-wheel drive Ceed has a high-quality multi-link rear axle, whose bearings consistently prove durable. The result is a precise driving sensation and moderate comfort. Compared to the German competition, only slightly better suspension response and more communicative steering remains to be desired. So if you’re complaining about the high level, the Ceed can be proven to have poor handling. If you like it harder, more precise and more direct, you’re welcome to switch to the technically almost identical Proceed, which runs more realistically.

Check used car Kia Ceed CD

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If you like to drive with verve, you should choose ProCeed. Although the standard versions are very safe to drive, they are not the epitome of sensitivity. Although here we complain at the highest level…

Flaws: Not much to gain

What bothers us at all about the Ceed’s shortcomings? The only part of the nerves, which can be described as a weakness and some prejudice, is the shifting behavior of the double-clutch automatic. In many cases it is lazy or stumbling because they often engage in it as quickly as possible or stay in it for too long. At least that way, starting and stopping is almost always nice and smooth. Gear changes in a manual transmission usually slide smoothly from the hand. Caution: Similar to the standout candidates, there are some unique customer complaints about the gear being stiff and even impassable. These rare cases occur in various Hyundai and Kia models and can only be attributed to processing defects in the shift linkage assembly. However, nothing is known about the long-term weak point in transmission, also because the highly recommended guarantee is used in the event of failure.

Check used car Kia Ceed CD

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Defect? Nothing to see. Instead, pay attention to the hidden parts of the oil drain plug (right) and the oil filter (below) on the engine cowl. This saves time and small services. Very easy!

Warranty: Kia Advantage

Now it took until the end of this buying guide before we got into the warranty. It has a similar situation in the real life of Kia owners. First of all, the bond creates a clear conscience. If it has to come into force at some point, it is almost always a matter of individual cases, and even that rarely happens. In addition to the maximum warranty period of seven years, there is also a limit of 150,000 km. A small downside: If another part (with or without warranty) is due that exceeds the normal wear and tear material, waiting times of several weeks can sometimes occur. Therefore, component materials can be improved.

Price: quite expensive

Ceed does not have a deal. Measured against the average compact Golf, the five-door is about right, and often offers a small price advantage if the equipment, which is usually more luxurious in a Kia, is taken into account. The more impressive looking ProCeed and XCeed usually sell for the most expensive on the used market, with no models offering any significant benefits. Notes on Continue: previously functional, the rear light strip has a small height difference in the separation points from the tailgate. What appears to be a slightly altered gap as a result of an accident is normal and nothing to worry about. When we have to go deeper to find the weak points of the example, it is a better testimony overall. Ceed is the best tip used – guaranteed!


In my circle of friends, I am often asked for recommendations on buying a car. I deliver them immediately, comfortably and comfortably they are also full of final details – professional honor! However, potential buyers are often not interested in the best chassis or the last few centimeters of rear knee room. What is needed instead is a sense of security when buying and inner peace when driving that you have done everything right. Ceed offers both, and for a long time.