Kia EV3, the Korean electric B-SUV will arrive on the market in late 2024.

Kia EV3, the Korean electric B-SUV will arrive on the market in late 2024.

During the latest CEO Investor Day event, the Kia brand outlined its plans for the electric vehicle sector, focusing its attention on the launch of the production version of the compact SUV. Let EV3 later this year, a move expected especially by those looking for cheap electricity.

Despite the recent decline in the growth of sales of electric cars (one above all, the German model), which has caused other car manufacturers to reassess their future strategies, Kia does not seem to care and intends to offer the market. cheap cars Completely electric: EV3 is an example of this effort.

Kia CEO and President Ho Sung Song emphasized the brand’s commitment to electric and hybrid vehicles as a step toward the goal of becoming “provider of sustainable mobility solutions“Kia is still aiming to reach the figure of 4.3 million units sold by 2030compared to the current 3.2 million units worldwide today, predicting that 58% of these will be electric vehicles (both full Hybrid and full electric).

The Kia EV3 and EV4 are already ready for the first time, while The Kia EV5 is already available in China and will soon be launched in Europe as well. Additionally, Kia has hinted at an EV2 model and an electric version of the Kia Carens, a low-cost seven-seater aimed at other markets such as India.

The Kia program starts this year, and six hybrids expected by the end of 2024followed by eight more electrified models by 2026 and nine more models by 2028. Kia’s full electric vehicle lineup will reach 15 electric models by 2027, with six to be launched by 2026.

As for the EV3, although details are still scarce, we do know that it will use the same EV9 and EV6 E-GMP platform, but with a cheaper 400-volt architecture to keep costs down. Kia EV3 was recently seen testing in the snow, everything indicates that the presentation is near. With the next EV3, Kia is preparing to enter an important (and crowded) market segment, demonstrating its commitment to meet consumer needs and remain competitive in an ever-changing automotive industry.