Kia EV9: The seven-seat electric SUV is coming in 2023

Kia EV9: The seven-seat electric SUV is coming in 2023

Kia is moving forward with electrification and is introducing one new electric vehicle after another. The biggest model will arrive in late 2023: the Kia EV9 electric SUV. First news, pictures, data.

  • A large electric SUV is coming in 2023

  • The manufacturer promises a range of 540 km

  • Seven chairs with a height of about five meters

Yes, do they now have megalomaniacs in Kia? It almost looks like that. If the previous electric models Kia Soul and Niro were still very common in the compact class and EV6 in the middle class, this is now coming. Mega SUV.

The EV9 will be the name of the production version at the end of 2023, but the manufacturer is already giving the first preview with the one presented here. Concept of EV9. And already the research seems to be very strong! Large 22-inch wheels fill the large, differently designed wheel arches, the body looks like a box and should appeal to Land Rover Defender drivers, fans of the Mercedes G-Class or GLS certainly interesting.

In about five meters of space like in a van

With a height of 4.93 meters, 2.05 meters wide and 1.79 meters long, Kia does not quite have the height of the Mercedes GLS (5.20 meters long), but it should be able to take into account the interior values. Because the Kia also shines with a large interior and up to seven seats, so it can be used as a replacement for a van.

That much the interior is as clean as the living room While the research looks good, the production car will have more standard equipment. In research, one can at least dream of being able to rotate the first row of seats 180 degrees and use the second row as a table.

The folding doors that open without the B-pillar are also a nice gimmick that makes the interior look bigger and makes access easier. But we can forget that again in an instant, especially regarding the narrow European car parks, which won’t even allow the doors to open wide.

Chairs made of recycled bottles, hood with solar cells

Clean, high-quality, elegant: the EV9 research cockpit ©Kia

At the very least, a seemingly free-floating instrument panel is imaginable – it looks great! – with a large glass roof. The set isvegetable skin”, i.e. synthetic leather mixed with wood fibers, chairs made from recycled plastic bottles and floors made from old fishing nets. If he solar cells at the top of the hat really come? We really don’t believe it, after all they couldn’t do much to fill a car battery that is probably quite large.

An electric SUV with a range of 540 km

It should not have a capacity of less than 100 kWh, otherwise the range of about 540 km that the manufacturer promises will be difficult to achieve. Engine power, charging power or consumption? It’s still too early for that. Kia reveals just this much: Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h should be in about five seconds done. This suggests a very powerful electric vehicle, all-wheel drive is standard however.

All the data and the size of the car already show that the Kia EV9 is made for the American market. In this country it works very little power – unless the final version changes completely again. But that should not be expected. For Europe and Germany, the numbers should be controlled.

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