Kia Niro (2022): New Niro comes with only electricity

Kia Niro (2022): New Niro comes with only electricity

Niro’s second-generation design is heavily based on Habaniro’s research presented at the New York Car Exhibition in 2019 – not surprisingly, after all, the fancy car already has the name of a new SUV by its name.

Of course, their top-opening doors do not make it a series production. We also do not see very narrow lighting spaces in the new design. However, the front light sources are smaller compared to the current model. The series model takes on LED daytime running lights from the study. The front hood looks wider and is more prominent on the front hood. At the front of the electronic version, the central charger is eye-catching, with the hybrid model providing slightly larger air intakes. Kia calls the 0.29 gravity coefficient for the new Niro.

Different color C-pillar à la Audi R8

The slightly longer rear doors appear from the side. The upcoming Niro will have shorter overhangs and a raised wheelbase – currently 2.70 meters. The most visible part of the sale is the C-variant color à la udi la Audi R8, which we have also seen in Habaniro research. There are also plastic items on the wheel arches and in the sill area, which are intended to emphasize the character of the new Niro SUV. With Niro’s second number, your coloring depends on the chosen material line. In addition, Koreans promise more privatization options.

new boards

Kia Habaniro Concept

View of the electric SUV

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While the top layer of the roof ends up with a deck with a generous dimension, the new rear lights give the SUV a more subtle appearance. They extend in the shape of a boomerang from the roof section to below the shoulder line. If you look closely, you will see similarities with previous generations of Ford Focus. By the way, compared to its predecessor, the new Kia Niro is growing in all directions. Especially in height (6.5 centimeters to 4.42 meters). But it also increases by a few centimeters in width (1.83 meters), height (1.57 meters) and wheelbase (2.72 meters). The drag coefficient is 0.29 cW, the wheels measure between 16 and 18 inches.

Two connected screens

Kia Habaniro had a wide display that covered almost the entire width of the car. The production version does not run this extreme tracking game. Thus, the instrument screen and the main telematics system of UVO Connect – both with a size of 10.25 inches – are integrated into a single unit spread over the central position. At the bottom of the touch screen are two frequency controls and a number of sensor keys, which are used to command the operation of infotainment and air conditioning. The ambient light extends beyond the screen, from which 74 color combinations can be selected.

11/2021, Kia Niro 2022

Kia Corporation

The device display and central touch screen are visually connected to a single unit.

On the central console, Kia interior designers have installed start / stop buttons, dial-gear ratios and a few buttons for driving modes, etc. Inside, the Kia intends to prioritize the use of sustainable and / or processed material, and the increased wheel base and adjustable seats – leaning on the passenger side – provide more space for passengers. Jacket covers, storage pockets and USB-C ports are also attached to the rear of the front seats. The volume of the stem in the hybrid increases by 15 to 451 liters; a maximum of 1,445 liters is possible here. The PHEV cargo section (348 to 1,342 liters) is slightly smaller, that of the BEV (475 to 1,392 liters plus 20 liters on the front stem) is slightly larger.

Normal mix with 141 hp

The upcoming Niro is based on the third generation of the K platform. This enables Kia to compile a compact SUV for electronic and hybrid drivers only (with and without plug-in). At present, Koreans only call technical data for a self-charging electrician. As with the disconnected model, a 1.6-liter petrol engine and electric engine are integrated here to form a 141 hp hybrid system. Power is transmitted to the front wheels by a six-speed gear transmission. Its special feature: it has no rear gear. If the Niro goes backwards, this is done only through an electric motor.

11/2021, Kia Niro 2022

Kia Corporation

As with its predecessor, the hybrid self-charging drive delivers 141 hp.

As an innovation, the next Niro offers the “Greenzone Storage Route” in its hybrid versions: Depending on the data moving and depending on the battery charge level, cars automatically switch to electronic driving mode only when they reach downtown areas. and residential areas or near schools or hospitals are on the way. Drivers of the new Kia Niro can also select similar locations themselves – for example their neighborhood – and choose from several recovery levels.

PHEV and BEV are more powerful

Because of its more powerful electric motor – 62 kW (84 hp) instead of 32 kW (44 hp) – the plug-in is less powerful than conventional hybrids. Its total output is 155 kW (183 hp) and can run up to 65 kilometers of electricity. To improve its energy efficiency, Kia draws all stations. PHEV has a 5.5-kilowatt-voltage voltage heater with self-contained ceramic components that ensure continuous flow of hot air without the need for regular electric heating.

In terms of technical data, the clean electronic version plays the role of the top model in the new Kia Niro. Its electric car has an output of 150 kW (204 hp) and delivers high torque of 255 meters from Newton. However, the Niro EV is not very fast with its top speed of 167 km / h; a value of zero up to a hundred of 7.8 seconds reads incorrectly. However, the energy-saving topic is even more important here as well, and the column makes you sit back and focus: according to WLTP standard, a 64.8-hour lithium-ion battery pack can cover up to 463 km. directly possible via a standard CCS connection in 43 minutes (from 10 to 80 percent of battery capacity). However, the Niro EV can also provide energy for outdoor equipment.

Optical features of version E

The electric variant of the Kia Niro differs from the hybrid brothers with a two-tone closed grille and different gray metal side panels. It also has a low-maintenance grille with adjustable bumpers, as well as 17-inch alloy wheels of a special model. The EV model charge port is located in the center of the grille. The towing capacity of the Kia NIro EV is 750 kg; hybrid versions carry up to 1,300 kg on a hook.

Kia Niro EV: Electric version in detail

04/2022, Kia Niro EV 2022

Kia Europe

The main function of the electronic security package is a mental speed assistant, who receives information from the front camera and traffic signal recognition and can adjust the speed to the situation if necessary. A front collision warning not only keeps an eye on what is happening directly in front of the car, but also the brakes if necessary if obstacles appear when turning left or right. To some extent for an additional fee, Kia seeks to provide many other support systems, including a top ten-inch display with automatic parking and parking. The same applies to various connections and software services.

Available from summer 2022

In South Korea, the new Kia Niro arrived earlier this year. Its German launch is scheduled for mid-2022; Kia has not yet revealed whether the electronic version will be available immediately. The same applies to prices. The currently discontinued structure starts at 27,490 (hybrid) or 34,190 (hybrid plugin) or 38,290 euros (E-Niro).

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As soon as the structure is launched in the summer of 2022, we will see a redesigned stainless steel based on Habaniro research design. As with the current model, the Niro will also be available in the future as a hybrid and hybrid of plug-ins as well as the electronic E-Niro only. On the other hand, there are no clean versions of combustion.

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