Kia Picanto Event of the Year 2022

Kia Picanto Event of the Year 2022

Kia Picanto Event of the Year 2022

The Kia Picanto has been named the Best Event of the Year 2022. These were announced today at the AM Announcement of Vehicle and Vehicle Management. CEO Léan Verstoep and Kia dealer Marcel Winters received the trophy from Tony Vrijsen, director of commerce at BCA and Luberto van Buiten, editor-in-chief of Automotive at Promedia.

Picanto wins Volkswagen Golf, which won the award last year. A 7-year-old and 150,000-mile portable factory warranty, along with factors such as structure, high residual values ​​and short seller standing time, were decisive for the jury in handing over the Picanto award in 2022. Léan Vertoep and Thomas Pril they are happy to win the trophy. “It confirms our policy, the reputation of the car and our supplier partners.”

Independent jury

It is the second time a Kia model has been named Occasion of the Year. In 2013, Sportage won the award. In addition, Kia is winning the crucial car trophy for the second time in a row, as last year Kia Niro was awarded the Business Car of the Year award. The Cup is an initiative of the journal Automobiel Management and is awarded annually by an independent jury. The jury consists of representatives from the world of professional trade, car auctions, evaluators and used car doors. It checks, among other things, the behavior of online user search, the number of ‘clicks’ that a car receives and the routes that are passed to a car company. In addition, factors such as warranty terms, pricing development, exports figures for various models and number of training days are also considered in the evaluation.

There is no danger

The Kia Picanto finished in the top three with the Ford Fiesta and Renault Clio and was finally declared the winner. ‘Picanto is unique from the jury with its 7-year warranty. The car company has no risk of buying young Picantos. In addition, the jury praised Picanto for its appearance of maturity with a professional business association. The data also shows that the Picanto is a popular car. Here we would especially like to mention low export figures, a sign that the Picantos that is being released remains in the Netherlands, ‘the jury reports.

Events Policy

During the AM Relocation Event, which was visited by more than 200 people from the industry this year, the car policy used in all its aspects is important. For example, the results of the National Events Survey were shared, past VAT announcements were highlighted and there were interviews with various industry leaders. This year, the event was co-hosted for the first time by the automotive industry’s leading journals Automotive and Automobiel Management, both of which have been part of the ProMedia Group since this year.

The relevant technical panel is made up of:
Paul de Vries, #DCDW founder and Marktplaats spokesman
Michel Corveleijn, international director of business development at VWE
Kees Berkhof, Director of Events & Sales of Van Mossel
Sander de Jong of Wholesale Company Bleeker en de Jong
Jeroen van den Broek, a used car specialist and trainer
Wierd Meijering, General Manager AVN Group
Tony Vrijsen, BCA commercial director

In the photo: Luberto van Buiten, car editor, general manager Léan Verstoep, Kia dealer Marcel Winters and Tony Vrijsen, commercial director at BCA.

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