Kia Sportage 5

Kia Sportage 5

automatic inspection Kia Sportage: An unusual new version

The Sportage has been one of Kia’s best-selling vehicles over the years. And among the oldest: the SUV has been in Germany since 1994. The recently released fifth generation looks mature overall, but breaks new ground in several respects.

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The front of the new Kia Sportage may not be for everyone, but it has a high recognition value.

(Photo: Wehner / Vogel Communications Group)

It has long been a classic in the C-SUV boom segment: Kia Sportage has been available in Germany since 1994 and is consistently one of the most popular cars among Koreans. The fifth generation has been in the showrooms of German Kia dealers since January. For the first time, Kia offers its European version. It is short and, unlike the rest of the world, is generally only available as a five-seater, with the model having seven seats elsewhere. We took a closer look at the top-spec GT-Line with its 132 kW/180 hp 1.6-liter turbo petrol engine, all-wheel drive and seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

The look of the new one is sillier than before on the Sportage. The large, aggressive front end is framed by boomerang-shaped daytime running lights. Of course not everyone likes that. But what Kia has done with it: the Sportage stands out and can be recognized at first glance – even in the rearview mirror. We really like the color of the test car: “Experience Green” is a shade of green that verges on gray, which just doesn’t look dirty enough. There are also twelve other colors to choose from – a two-tone look with a black roof is also possible.

More room

When you enter, you immediately notice a great sense of space. With the new generation, the external dimensions of the Sportage have changed only slightly, but according to the manufacturer, the space has increased significantly. This is especially true in the back seat, where you can comfortably sit as an adult and where the three of you can easily cope.

Ten things we saw about the Kia Sportage 1.6 T-GDI can be found in the following photo gallery.

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The cargo area has also increased. 562 liters is a regular fit in our test car, the predecessor had a maximum of 503 litres. With the rear seat folded down, it’s up to 1,751 litres. However, the trunk is one of the places where the developers had to save. The wheel arches are covered with simple plastic. It doesn’t look good and it doesn’t feel solid.

Big screen, few buttons

And it doesn’t match the high-end interior. It is dominated by a large, attractive, curved display. It actually has two screens: a 31.2 cm digital instrument cluster and a large infotainment touchscreen. In order to operate multiple functions, there are a large number of buttons in some cars.

Manufacturers avoided this with Kia Sportage. Under the display there is a sensor bar whose function can be changed. In this way, either the air conditioner or the infotainment system can be operated. Two rotary controls on the side are also provided twice. Thanks to “Kia Connect” there are real-time information and remote control functions controlled by software. The Sportage can receive map and other software updates “Over the Air” (OTA).

Many assistants

Also on board there is an armada of support systems. These include adaptive cruise control, highway assist, traffic jam assist, forward collision warning, cross traffic warning and collision avoidance when backing out of a parking space, exit assist, seat occupant alarm the back. All of these work – you need one, you can probably do without the other.

Parking assistance certainly helps. When announced in April plugging combination there should be an automatic parking function via remote control. Those who – like us – like to sit and guide themselves will be happy about the close-up monitor, which not only shows the Sportage and its surroundings from above while driving, but also provides a side view at the same time.

It’s also worth mentioning: As soon as you turn on the turn signal, the wide-angle external camera image is displayed on the instrument display. This prevents you from looking over your shoulder when changing lanes, which you tend to forget, or shows a cyclist who may be out of sight when turning.

Slow control of infection

Driving our test car with 180 hp is sufficient, but not luxurious. This ensures that you are often moving in the high speed range – and then the Sportage quickly becomes uncomfortably rumbling. But that’s not drama, other people like it too.

More annoying is that the dual-clutch transmission tends to take its time, especially when downshifting. It’s easy to trick the Sportage into going too high with a hard step on the accelerator. If it takes a long time before the automatic changes to the proper gear again, that’s not a big problem on level ground. On the slope, on the other hand, it is clearly offensive.

photo gallery

Photo gallery with 10 photos

Fully equipped for around 50,000 euros

The new Sportage costs at least 27,790 euros to start. However, our fully equipped test car is more expensive. With 49,380 euros he is on the list. In addition to the GT-Line equipment, there is a panoramic roof, a Harman Kardon sound package and the aforementioned assistants on board.

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