KIA Thinker pushed another car.  “That’s why it doesn’t fly anywhere” (video)

KIA Thinker pushed another car. “That’s why it doesn’t fly anywhere” (video)

Being in the blind spot of another driver is very dangerous. Usually, however, we don’t even realize that another traffic participant can’t see us.

Moreover, carelessness and lack of attention often lead to dangerous situations. It usually ends in a collision or even an accident.

> He didn’t want to “pull” behind the tractor. He pushed it into the ditch and caused it to overturn (video)

The author of the attached video was pushed off the street in the city center. It is said that the perpetrator drove away from the scene of the collision, although after seeing the shots, we cannot confirm or deny.

There is a voice in the comment section that the victim of this incident is also somewhat guilty. That the driver can play this situation in different ways.

When he saw a car coming into his lane, the man swerved to the right and landed on a pole. Commentators recommend that he not move the wheel and wait for the criminal to hit him with his car.

> The ship’s aggressor does not like to be overtaken. Anergy from Russia pushes cars to the side of the road (video)

As they believe, then he would have a lesson for his carelessness, and so he went away and it is not known if he will get the consequences of his actions. Everything is easy to talk, but in such situations you act directly.