KTM setback: Plessinger with broken elbow / US Supercross

KTM setback: Plessinger with broken elbow / US Supercross

Red Bull KTM motocrosser Aaron Plessinger suffered a broken elbow at the Foxborough event and will miss the remainder of the Supercross season. But there is hope for the series outside.

The KTM factory team in the US must accept a painful setback. Aaron Plessinger suffered a broken elbow in a fall Saturday in Foxborough. This means the 28-year-old will miss the final four events of the 2024 Supercross season.

How long Plessinger will be out in general is yet to be predicted – currently there is talk of four to six weeks. After consulting with experts, the US will allow the fracture to heal without surgery. The goal is to return to the gate at the start of the outdoor series on May 25 in Pala, California.

“I’m really bummed that I won’t be able to finish the season in the SX Series, considering I’m having my best 450cc Supercross season to date,” says Plessinger. “The elbow is one of the parts of the body that takes a lot of energy. “So I have to do the right things now and let the elbow heal properly, with the real goal of healing again at the start of the motocross series.”

And Plessinger then explains in detail: “The good thing is that there are no ligament injuries. Therefore, the healing should be short and clean. It’s annoying, but I’m lucky that I work with a great team who support me in my amazing recovery. I look forward to when we meet after A few weeks later we start preparing for the outdoor motocross season.”

As a reminder, Plessinger won his first 450 Supercross event in San Diego this season and was within striking distance of the top of the standings for a long time. The man from Ohio is currently ranked 7th.