KU point guard Harris starts 2nd half after spraining ankle

KU point guard Harris starts 2nd half after spraining ankle

KU point guard Devonte’ Harris commenced the second half of the contest after spraining his ankle in the opening period of the game. Despite the injury, the gritty Harris refused to let the setback deter him from his mission of leading the Jayhawks to victory.

The tenacious guard was seen receiving treatment on the sidelines during the intermission, as he attempted to manage the pain in his ankle. Nevertheless, Harris was determined to return to the court and take part in the second half.

Harris’ resilience was on full display when he took the floor after halftime, exhibiting the same energy and energy he had shown prior to the injury. The senior guard showed no signs of the sprain as he executed plays, defended opponents, and made crucial passes for his team.

Harris’ efforts paid dividends for the Jayhawks, as they seized control of the game in the third quarter and never looked back. The point guard’s leadership and poise were instrumental in the squad’s success, as his ability to rally the team and provide timely contributions was essential in securing the win.

The triumphant Harris left the court with his head held high, having overcome the pain of his sprain to lead his team to victory. The guard’s determination and commitment to his team were clear, and his performance serves as a testament to his resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity.