Kurt Warner introduces a theory about Tom Brady’s play

Kurt Warner introduces a theory about Tom Brady’s play

The last few months haven’t been easy for Tom Brady.

After a big win to start the 2022 NFL season, the Buccaneers have lost four of their next five games, including two losses, to a pair of worst opponents: the Pittsburgh Steelers. and the Carolina Panthers. Tampa Bay as a band It wasn’t playing well Within seven weeks, including Brady. The star quarterback’s uncharacteristic mistakes are partly responsible for the talented Bucs’ miscues.

Worse for Brady, it feels like his personal life I’ve seen better days Yes. Hall of Famer Kurt Warner doesn’t rule out the possibility that these tough things could also be off the field. It has a long-term effect.

“… I go watch Sunday’s tape and I don’t see the Tom Brady we knew,” Warner told NFL Network on Tuesday. The mistakes he makes, the things he doesn’t see. I’m not one to say that some of the things that happen outside of the game seem to flow into the game and into the line. We’ve never seen Tom Brady do this before. He is very good at focusing on everything else. And soccer skills. But now he’s doing things that Tom Brady isn’t, and you have to wonder if those other things are involved.

Regardless of the root cause of Brady’s constant struggles, the Bucs can’t seem to find something to think about and walk away from. Tampa Bay will also have a tough time heading into Week 8 when this happens The host is the Baltimore Ravens During the short week during the peak.

So while it’s too early to call it a “lost season” for Brady and the Bucks, things are definitely moving in that direction.

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