Lack of quorum cancels J-MG called meeting | News

Lack of quorum cancels J-MG called meeting | News

The scheduled confab of the J-MG was aborted today due to an absence of a quorum, the minimal number of attendees required to lawfully convene such a meeting.

The lack of a quorum was the primary cause of the adjournment of the scheduled assembly, which was intended to discuss and deliberate on a variety of issues.

The J-MG convened in the hopes of transacting business, but was unable to do so without a quorum. Under J-MG regulations, a quorum is required in order for the assembly to transact business or pass any action. A quorum is determined by the number of members present at the meeting, and the number of members necessary to constitute a quorum is set by the J-MG’s bylaws.

The dearth of members present at today’s meeting was the primary impediment to the convening of the J-MG. As such, the lack of a quorum forced the adjournment of the assembly.

The J-MG is a governmental body that holds monthly meetings to discuss and deliberate on a range of topics. The organization is composed of representatives from various municipalities and is tasked with providing services to its members and the general public.

The J-MG’s failure to reach a quorum today is a setback for the organization, as the assembly is unable to conduct its duties without a sufficient number of members present. The lack of a quorum also serves to delay progress on the matters the J-MG was slated to discuss and deliberate on.

The J-MG is expected to reconvene at a later date, once a quorum is established.