Lamborghini as a lottery win – shortly after he is broke

Lamborghini as a lottery win – shortly after he is broke

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From: Marcus Effler

A Scot wins a Lamborghini Huracan in a raffle – it drops a month later. The question of guilt is taking over the internet.

It was a worthwhile investment: Grant Burnett paid 25 British pounds, about 28 euros, for a few tickets to a betting provider. One of them, only 99 British cents, gave him the grand prize: a new Lamborghini Huracan, 610 hp, 194,000 euros.

Lamborghini as a lottery winner – shortly after he is scrap

The 24-year-old announced herself and her new sports car on the lottery website: “I burst into tears because I never thought I’d win something like this.”

Lamborghini like a lottery win – it was turned off on the net shortly after

The Scotsman had cause for tears more than a month later. That’s when he crashed with his two new guys from the VW Group – unfortunate, compared to Ferrari’s failure. Photos of the badly damaged Lambo quickly spread on the Internet, once again the wisdom of life came true: “Anyone who has damage does not need to worry about ridicule”. Here is an example:

Lamborghini from the lottery: The winner defends himself against bullying

Of course, Burnett didn’t want to put up with the online bullying. He, in turn, responded with a Facebook post – in Scots with inappropriate greetings to those who had shared pictures of the crashed car. Plus a few swear words that we don’t want to repeat here. In any case, the bottom line is: He was not to blame for the accident, but the “cow” that came from behind.

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Small consolation: Commentators are taking the Scot’s side. “Ignore the haters, Grant!” suggests one user, another: “Don’t give a shit about what people say, that’s pure jealousy.” Which he may be right, if Burnett’s image is correct – then of course there will be damage. be compensated for it.