Lamborghini electric car coming in 2028 –

Lamborghini electric car coming in 2028 –

Lamborghini does not want to launch an electric car series until around 2028. Before then, the Audi subsidiary will equip its large sports cars and the Urus SUV with plug-in hybrid technology. According to reports, the Italians will rely on technology from the Volkswagen Group for the first fully electric car.

In conversation with AutoExpress CEO Stephan Winkelmann confirmed that the upcoming electric car will not replace any of the current model series. As before, he spoke about “the fourth model that will be more suitable for everyday use. That means 2+2, a two-door car with more ground clearance”.

Winkelman also said that the electric car will be built in cooperation with the Volkswagen Group, as was the case with the Urus. So the technical basis can be provided by the new SSP (Scalable Systems Platform) modular architecture, which is intended to be used across the group. Alternatively, the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) developed by Audi and Porsche is already available, which is designed for high-end and sporty models.

“Some of our technological cornerstones fit perfectly into the electronics world,” says CTO Rouven Mohr. “When we talk about the integration of carbon fiber and the battery as a structural part – that’s something that from a design point of view gives you more freedom in terms of aerodynamics.”

In view of the additional weight of electrical engineering, Mohr said AutoExpress: “We have great ideas to compensate for that… for example in terms of driving dynamics, handling, skidability, handling in general.” He spoke of a 360-degree approach where all active systems are connected, to enable wheel speed control, which would not be possible with a conventional internal combustion engine. He is sure that Lamborghini fans will be more than satisfied with this one. “I’m not worried that anyone will complain.”

Lamborghini is investing 1.8 billion euros in a four-year electrification strategy. Before the first electric car, the successor to the Aventador will be launched next year, as well as the new Huracan and the Urus variant with plug-in hybrid drives in 2024.

In addition to the electric car, Winklmann wants to offer other models such as hybrids “for as long as possible”. He explained to AutoExpressthat synthetic energies can play a role in “keeping them alive”. However, it is still too early for precise plans for the brand’s car. “After 2025 we have to make a decision.”