“Lamborghini” has a trailer.  When will the movie hit the theaters?

“Lamborghini” has a trailer. When will the movie hit the theaters?

Lamborghini for many of us is a brand of sports cars, it is also a name, and now – also the name of a movie, which will soon be released in cinemas.

Lamborghini is not a car this time, but a name. The title of the biographical drama that will soon have its world premiere. Lamborghini is also a surname. A very popular name in the automotive industry. World famous name and brand.

We know cars, but the fascinating story of Ferruci Lamborghini and his rivalry with the more famous Enzo Ferrari is a piece of automotive history that begs for a screen adaptation. We lived to see film Friday “Lamborghini” will soon debut in theaters around the world. American screenwriter, Oscar winner (for the script of the movie “City of Anger” in 2004), Bobby Moresco is responsible for the direction and script. Italian rockers Ferruci Lamborghini and Enzo Ferrari will be played by Frank Grillo and Gabriel Byrne, respectively.

The world premiere of this title is scheduled for November 18, 2022, so there is only one week left before satisfying our curiosity, how it was recorded and played, among others. famous story when Enzo Ferrari got angry that “some tractor driver” dared to criticize his car. The driver of this tractor was Lamborghini, who showed one year that he could build the best car. Below is the official trailer of this movie: