Lamborghini launches off-road version of Huracan

Lamborghini launches off-road version of Huracan

The latest version of Lamborghini Huracan is waiting in the wings. It is a production version of Sterrato Concept. Upon the arrival of the road version, Lamborghini will complete the work of the V10 sports cars.

The cycle of Huracan life is nearing its end. Within two years, the last sample of the Huracan family will leave the production line at Sant’Agata Bolognese. Then the work of about 10 years ends. During that period, the short-lived sports car worked to become the most ever produced Lamborghini ever. He took over from Gallardo, which left the production line 14,022 times. With more than 20,000 units, Huracan sales are already about 50 percent higher than its predecessor. The winner of the two seats loses the Urus name for a short time.

To that end, Lamborghini introduced several special versions. The manufacturer did not do that differently from the Huracan. But in order to survive the last two years of production, the brand has only one weapon of war in planning. The car manufacturer recently introduced Tecnica, an EVO evolution in which STO technology is embedded in the common body. The version will continue to be available until the end of the 2024 edition, such as STO. There will also be a third edition of the coupé, Sterrato. The species was invented in Lamborghini breeding grounds. It really was a wild idea, but it turned out to be a necessity. That’s why the sports coupe goes into production. The car manufacturer informs Autovisie that it has not yet been determined whether Sterrato will be a limited version or standard production format.

The higher, the wider, the worse

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The Italians pointed out in a conceptual version that the ground clearance is 47 mm more, which results in a greater 1 percent angle and a greater 6.5 degree angle of departure. The width of the track grew by 30 mm, and the wheels in the 20-inch structure are fitted with special tires. As a result of technical adjustments, ventilation, body width, electrical support systems and brake system changed, among other things. For those who walk off the road, the lower side is provided with lower body protection and reinforcement. The revelation of the very last Huracan generation will follow later this year. Production will begin next year. So it will be available for more than one year.

Looking at the Huracan presentation schedule, the focus of the recent transformation of the entire structure has been on the coupé. The Italians brought STO. Then came Tecnica and the closing frame is Sterrato. Is there nothing left in the barrel for the open dialect? No. Spyder as we know it today will be available unchanged for the past two years.

Heir Lamborghini Huracan

Lamborghini will bring in a Huracan successor in 2024. The model gets a new name. It will also have a new architecture in which hybrid plug technology is used. It is also clear that the alien, unlike Gallardo and Huracan, does not have a V10 engine. The sports car will be available again as a coupé and as a Spyder. This time it has nothing to do with the sister brand model, as it currently does with R8.

LP 610-4 2014 – 2019
LP 610-4 Spyder 2015 – 2019
LP580-2 2016 – 2019
RWD Spyder 2017 – 2019
performance 2017 – 2019
High Performance Spyder 2018 – 2019
EVO Coupe 2019 – now
EVO Spyder 2019 – now
EVO RWD 2020 – now
EVO RWD Spyder 2021 – now
STO Edition 2021 – now
EVO Fluo Capsule 2021 – now
Tecnica 2022
Special formats (special editions, song editions, etc.)
LP Police (610-4) 2014
LP 620-2 Super Tropheo 2015 – 2019
Super Trofeo EVO 2019 – now
GT3 Race Car 2015 – 2019
Zhong 2015
LP Avio (610-4) 2016 – 2017

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