Lamborghini offers first NFTs

Lamborghini offers first NFTs

The automaker, along with Swiss artist Fabian Oefner, created five works of art on the topic of air travel which includes physical and digital components. NFTs show Lamborghini falling apart in the sky. Surprisingly, the structure looks very professional, in contrast to the ‘normal NFTs’, such as the popular Ape Bored series.

The NFT, a non-fungal sign, is a kind of certificate of authenticity for digital objects. NFTs use blockchain technology for this. NFTs caught fire last year after millions were paid for digital works of art.

To gain NFT access, Lamborghini connects it to the actual part of the diagram, known as the Space Key. That is a piece of carbon fiber that was launched into space by Lamborghini in 2020. The Space Key is engraved with a unique QR code that gives the owner permission to access NFT. A total of five keys have been released, each connected to their unique NFT.

Exit the rocket

The works of art show five consecutive images of Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae flying away from the Earth as it shatters. Although they appear to be computer-generated, Lamborghini says in his book NFT Page that those works are actually a combination of thousands of real images.

Oefner captured approximately 1500 private parts on camera for artwork. Then he put everything in perfect order, with flying parts reminiscent of the rocket exhaust. Each image has 600 million pixels. According to Lamborghini, owners can pull around and discover “hidden details of high quality”.

Seven months in the ISS

Space keys also have a special background story. They consist of pieces of carbon fiber that were sent to the ISS by the company as part of a research project. Immediately after that, experiments of all kinds were performed to see how the material would perform in the most vulnerable environment. Seven months later, the fragments were returned to the world, after which Oefner engraved them with QR code. The final product was finally placed on an aluminum barrier.

Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann says to The Verge that the company took action because the NFT community shares several core values ​​with the company. “The NFT community is the youngest and most innovative. So it was a logical step.”

But it also helped that the fake Lamborghini NFTs were already circulating. According to Winkelmann, the project is also an attempt by the company to see if NFTs and other new Web3 elements are profitable.

Order for Apollo 11

NFTs auctions will start on February 1 at 4pm Dutch time. Lamborghini also embraces the aerial landscape at auction. After all, the NFTs will be auctioned off in turn, with each safe lasting 75 hours and 50 minutes.