Lamborghini presents the Urus Performante Essenza SCV12, the Limited Edition of the most Exclusive SUVs!

Lamborghini presents the Urus Performante Essenza SCV12, the Limited Edition of the most Exclusive SUVs!

It is the most powerful and unique version of 2023, also called Lamborghini Urus Performante Essenza SCV12!

There are SUVs and SUVs, and then there are Lamborghini Urus Performante Essenza SCV12… In Sant’Agata Bolognese just a few years ago an important page in the modern history ofdriving cars. It was there, in that small town in Emilia, that what could be considered for all intents and purposes the very first was born. Big cars for high wheels; a car which worked almost like a messenger. In fact, the Urus represented the kind of forerunner that paved the way for the conversion to Sports Utility Vehicles even for exclusive car companies (Ferrari and Maserati above all).

Moreover, it is an example that, along with his the nature of sports and its movements of guidance for up performance, has revolutionized the Super SUV segment; and that it is now ready to take further steps forward. Here then it is Limited edition more exclusive of the year, its name is Urus Performante Essenza SCV12 and it is dedicated to a select few…

A real gift for special customers, here is the Lamborghini Urus Performante Essenza SCV12

And after the presentation of the Revuelto, the first hybrid model of the Emilian brand, Lamborghini will be able to pull another rabbit out of the hat. It seemed impossible yet Bull has managed to surprise again, and this time we are not talking about green engines or new models; scoring here is such a beautiful (and powerful) limited edition that it leaves your jaw open.

It’s a limited number of innovative SUV offerings from the house. An edition of only 40 copies given to very special customers. What must be done to get one of the unique examples of the Urus Performante Essenza SCV12? Well, in this case you must already own one of the exclusive Lamborghini cars designed for exclusive use on the track. We are talking, as if we have not understood, about the SCV12 Essence of the same name…

And this information, very bright among other things, indirectly adds other important information related to the new version of the Urus. In fact, the SUV in question borrows some basic features from the track car, and above all the character of the aesthetic vision of racing models.

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The extraordinary new Urus is described as follows by Mitja Borkert, Head of Design of the Sant’Agata Bolognese House: “The Lamborghini Urus SCV12 Edition boasts the most detailed and expressive presentation we have ever created. Each model is designed and closely integrated with each one of the 40 owners of Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 models. The factory Urus SCV12 sees black as the main protagonist of the lower part to further emphasize its sporty proportions, while the exterior color refers directly to the uniqueness of the Essenza SCV12, thanks to the line of color that unites the front, sides and rear. The result – concludes Borkert – is a fast, unique and attractive series of Urus”.

To say beautiful is probably an understatement, but even to say scary doesn’t give it a good idea…

In short, the Urus Performante Essenza SCV12 is a unique creation resulting from the meeting between two extraordinary models; a car that will not only represent the pride of its owners, but that will connect them even more to the image and history of the Bull of Bolognese Sant’Agata.

However, leaving sensationalism aside, the time has come to talk effectively about the car itself. We are talking about a model created in close collaboration between Centro Stile Lamborghini, the Ad Personam department and customers, who had the unique opportunity to configure their SUVs with elements inspired by their respective Essenza SCV12.

Advertising creative that was shared by every single owner. Indeed, for each Urus Performante in special edition, Centro Stile Lamborghini has created a special production version with color combinations chosen for each customer.

In any case, what unites all 40 prototypes of the Lamborghini Urus Performante Essenza SCV12 is the large presence of elements in visible carbon fiber with a glossy or matte finish, and a two-tone scheme used for painting; this is characterized by a distinctive line that cleverly emphasizes the car’s profile.

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In addition, unique upholstery, carbon fiber details, black anodized aluminum components and other unique details have been used in the passenger compartment to give the whole environment a refined and elegant taste. And to conclude with the most unique touch: every single example of this limited edition is distinguished by the corresponding Essenza SCV12 vehicle number.

As far as the “engine” item is concerned, in this case we get the most powerful variant of the Urus; i.e. Executive. This is characterized by the presence of a V8 biturbo engine with a power of 666 HP and 850 Nm of maximum torque capable of ensuring a run from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.3 seconds and a top speed of even 306 km / h h.