Lamborghini Revuelto: The first plug-in hybrid supercar for the brand’s 60th anniversary.  The V12 engine is not missing

Lamborghini Revuelto: The first plug-in hybrid supercar for the brand’s 60th anniversary. The V12 engine is not missing

The new Lamborghini Revuelto will soon be released in Italy, and the Italians are giving us the opportunity to see it speed and hear it at the same time. You’ll just love the roaring twelve cylinder aero engine!

For this year’s 60th anniversary, Italian Lamborghini offered an impressive gift – the new twelve-cylinder Revuelto. The revolutionary supercar with the fierce bull in its logo is an important vehicle in the evolution of the brand, as it is the first ever to feature plug-in hybrid technology. The Italians developed it to reduce the emissions of combustion engines and speed up their cars, and now they are showing us for the first time on the race track. Close and enjoy.

Andrea Caldarelli, Lamborghini’s professional racer and test driver, drove the new Revuleto twelve-cylinder hybrid to perfection at the Italian Vallellunga race circuit, and in the official video he tries to show us how the hot new stuff drives. At the same time, it reminds us that the electric “cake” with a 6.5 liter twelve-cylinder air engine has a system output of 747 kW (1015 hp). It combines these with an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission and all-wheel drive.

“The Revuelto is an incredible car that can show incredible power and excellent driving ability on the track. Active aerodynamics contribute to cornering speed and can provide impressive downforce. In addition, the new dual-clutch transmission allows shifting of lightning speed, while Revuelto’s response is very smooth and easy to control,” says Andrea Caldarelli.

There is great interest in the new Revuelto among wealthy customers. It was officially introduced to the world in March of this year, and already in July the car manufacturer announced that it was sold at least two years earlier. The spiritual successor to the twelve-cylinder purist Aventador is based on the most modern technology and offers the brand’s customers the most extensive personalization.

The Italian factory in the city of Sant’Agata Bolognese near Modena invested more than 3.5 billion crowns in the production of the new supersport. It will reach the first customers by the end of this year. The factory is currently undergoing initial production and the final phase of testing, with the help of which the engineers want to find the last gaps.