Lamborghini: sales of 2.37 billion euros, doubles its profits in 2022

Lamborghini: sales of 2.37 billion euros, doubles its profits in 2022

After Ferrari, then Maserati, we were waiting for the presentation of statistics from the Audi group, the owner of the Lamborghini brand, to know where the brand stands in terms of profitability compared to its competitors. Well, like its Italian cousins, Lamborghini has a very good year in 2022 with sales of 2.37 billion euros (+21.9%), and a profit of 614 million euros (+56.4%).

So the luxury car brands did not suffer because, after the record year 2022 with 9,233 Lamborghinis delivered, profits are also increasing very rapidly. Record in brand history.

This success of Lamborghini owes its only, 3 models of which special editions are launched regularly, such as the Huracan Tecnica or the Urus Performante. Therefore, it manages very well to regularly make new and models that are several years old.

It also owes its benefits technology integration and other brands of the Volkswagen Group, owner of Audi. For example, the Lamborghini Urus platform is shared by the Audi Q7, Audi Q8 and Bentayga. Another example is the shared platform between the Lamborghini Huracan and the Audi R8.

The Aventador has not been available to order for several months since it was renamed LB744 and its new 1015 hp V12 PHEV engine will be delivered in a few weeks. It will certainly allow Lamborghini take a new step, exceed 10,000 shipmentsincreasing its sales, while maintaining an operating margin of at least 25%.

In contrast, Italy’s best student remains at Ferrari. The brand owned by Stellantis, Maserati, having doubled its profits in 2022, still has room for improvement.

. maserati Ferrari Lamborghini
2022 sales 25,900 13,221 9,233
2022 sales 2.32 billion euros 5.09 billion euros 2.375 billion euros
Net profit 2022 201 million euros 939 million euros 614 million euros