Lamborghini, sixty years old – Gazzetta di Parma

Lamborghini, sixty years old – Gazzetta di Parma

It takes a lot of personality, sixty hours, to show off your curves. And to be honest, the edges too, because the design that made Lamborghini legendary also includes those edges. Well, yes, sixty years old is he, the Lamborghini that today as in 1963 (“the future began”, reads the anniversary claim) remains in the heart of Emilia, in Sant’Agata Bolognese. And it doesn’t matter that since 1998 the property has been in the strong hands of Audi (finally, we add, after years that are not always easy…): the Motor Valley today is an ideal location for the growth of the brand that is currently legendary, balanced between tradition and (many) innovation.

The first chapter of the “birthday” was the official launch last Thursday of the new layout of the Lamborghini Museum, a few steps from the production lines of Sant’Agata. With the introduction of the exhibition “The future began in 1963” and the inauguration ceremony in front of the president and managing director Stephan Winkelmann, Casa del Toro has opened 2023 which will see it celebrated throughout Italy and the world as important. anniversary.

The exhibition in the museum, which is now called “Automobili Lamborghini”, traces the most important phases and events in the company’s history, with 19 masterpieces that tell the evolution of the brand and its products from its foundation to today, starting with figures by Ferruccio Lamborghini. In a space where light and importance reign, super sports cars become the protagonists of an area full of history because they are located in part of the first core of the buildings where the first stone was laid in 1963.

“Our cars are icons and it all started here in Sant’Agata Bolognese, our home, where we have roots, where the tradition was born. Here we create quality, work and positive», explains Winkelmann, recalling that 2022 “was closed in an amazing way, with deliveries to customers increased by almost 10%, reaching a new record”. And 2023 “will be a full year of new things that opens precisely with this new arrangement, a year in which we will celebrate the first sixty years under the banner of international events, plans and unexpected activities , which we will reveal during construction”.

The most important event “will be called “Giro Lamborghini”, “dedicated to our customers”, said Winkelmann, and the conclusion of the prestigious competition on Sunday 28 May in Bologna, in Piazza Maggiore. “The next two years – he added – will be very important and demanding , we’re going to mix the whole genre. This year there will be the launch of the new Aventador which we will present at the end of this quarter», then there will be the new Urus and Huracan.

Economic figures for the fiscal year 2022 are not yet available but the double-digit growth in deliveries (9233 worldwide, a record) announced by the CEO and the fact that the production is ready to be sold until the end of 2024 is the calling card that speaks. itself for this 2023 which, together with the first hybrids, marks the entry into the second phase of the Cor Tauri Direction program, in which the brand will make the transition to hybrid and electric.

Asia is the market that recorded the largest increase in sales (14%), ahead of the Americas (10%) and EMEA (7%). The United States confirmed its first place overall with 2,721 vehicles delivered, ahead of China and Germany. Regarding models, the Urus remains at the top with 5367 units, ahead of the Huracan and Aventador (in Italy, for the record, last year Lamborghini increased deliveries by 13.71% to 340 units against 299 in 2021).

The satisfaction of Lamborghini does not end here: the confirmation of the company as the Main Employer in Italy is very recent, while for a few days on Prime the film tells the story of Ferruccio Lamborghini. And the engineer Gian Paolo Dallara, one of the fathers of the legendary Miura, “the most beautiful car in the world”, cannot fail to appear in the film. He was also there on Thursday evening at the launch of the renovated Lamborghini Museum, in the midst of such masterpieces – from the GT 350 to the Miura and the Countach – that it would be a mistake not to visit. By the way: the museum is open every day from 9.30 to 18 and – by reservation – it is also possible to take a tour of the Urus production lines.