Lamborghini Urus, but make it a two-door.  Mansory Venatus Coupe

Lamborghini Urus, but make it a two-door. Mansory Venatus Coupe

It can be safely assumed that in Sant’Agata Bolognese no one thought of the creation of that version of the body. Even the first prototypes from 2012 were already close to the final version of this car and remained standard 5-door SUVs. Lamborghini Urus like Mansory Venatus Coupe therefore it has become a unique and eye-catching design – not only because of the limited number of doors.

This well-known tuner always likes to differentiate the appearance of his cars. A powerful styling package, bold colors and intricate accessories are features that cannot be missed here.

Mansory Venatus Coupe. There is a whole ideology behind this car

The German tuner has been proud of its unique and individual approach to its customers for years. Most of the packages they make for different types of vehicles can be customized. There is no need to even mention the change in body color, rims or interior.

Mansory, however, tries to constantly develop. Hence the idea of ​​creating a unique car – like the Lamborghini Urus Coupe. Rebuilding an SUV requires not only great experience, but also a skilled team

Adjustments are very high here. The removal of the rear doors, widening of the front, modification of the B-pillar, new glazing and a redesigned interior require careful and precise design.

To emphasize the character of luxury, in the back we find two individual seats and a large console in the middle, hiding cup holders, a refrigerator and several other services. The first copy was finished inside with light blue leather, visible from a distance.

It differs from the “chameleon” color, reminiscent of the good old days of tuning. The body is also finished with elements from the Venatus package, which makes it difficult not to notice it on the road.

The Lamborghini Urus is a cheaper variant compared to the Mansory Venatus Coupe

The price of the car includes rebuilding the body and a complete tuning package. It also includes a strengthening treatment for the engine. Thanks to that, the 4-liter twin-turbo V8 produces 900 hp, which will translate into impressive performance.

There will be no more than eight such vehicles on the road. Each one of them it costs 7-8 million euros, depending on the configuration.