Lamborghini Urus S, the first delivery of an SUV with more than 660 HP has begun

Lamborghini Urus S, the first delivery of an SUV with more than 660 HP has begun

The future of the Urus SUV of the Lamborghini house is dedicated to electricity. As we know, A hybrid version of the plugin will arrive. At the same time, the car manufacturer has introduced Urus S deliverythe latest version of the SUV that was presented at the end of last September.

Lucky customers who get the chance to keep the Urus S in their garage at home will be able to get a personalization software which will allow you to create a truly personalized model. In fact, Lamborghini offers a wide choice in terms of colors and finishes of wheel rims, styling packages and interior and exterior details that allow for all-round customization, from the most discreet style to the ultimate in performance.


The beating heart of this SUV is its engine 666 HP twin-turbo V8 and 850 Nm of torque. Performance, of course, is very high. There maximum speed reaches 305 km / h, while accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h takes just 3.5 seconds. On the other hand, 200 km / h is reached in 12.5 seconds.

Compared to badder version “Performante”., the engine is unchanged, but the Urus S has a very limited appearance. The carbon fiber bonnet features matte black air vents and 21-inch wheels are standard, with 22- and 23-inch wheels available as options. The lower part of the front bumper in matt black painted stainless steel is combined with the high gloss black details of the front grille.

The new Urus S will have to contribute to the success of the Urus range. A model that has achieved significant numbers in terms of sales since it first hit the market. In fact, the Urus is the best-selling car from Lamborghini. The price? Within the reach of a lucky few. It starts, in fact, from around 235,000 euros. The model is intended to be highly scalable by adding accessories or requesting specific customizations.