Lammers defends Ferrari after controversy: “Easy to call Italians chaoten”

Lammers defends Ferrari after controversy: “Easy to call Italians chaoten”

One of the topics of discussion after the Monaco Grand Prix was Charles Leclerc’s pit, which saw Monegask lose victory and podium. It caused outrage at Leclerc and criticism at Ferrari, but according to Jan Lammers that is far from fair.

The incident was mentioned during the NOS Formula 1 podcast and Lammers responds. “That was just a split second. I think Leclerc drove a little faster than planned or Sainz a little slower, so they were closer. It’s a split second between good and evil. I don’t think you can talk about it. If you also see how those stations are the hole was executed flawlessly, that’s crazy, “the former driver says.

There is no obvious mistake

According to Lammers, it is also the case that in situations such as a double pit hole you have to deal with a lot of things that are wrong to say about human error. “It does not mean that it was because of indifference or fault. It was a combination of circumstances that ensured that Leclerc’s call was delayed a second time, then it was fine. That could happen,” he says.

Confused Italians

So the analyst believes it is very easy to deceive Ferrari with this. “A [Mick] Schumacher drives his entire car for a short time during the race, which is a mistake and very obvious. This is not a mistake. They are very capable people and they are the winning team. The best teams and the best cars. It is very easy to dismiss the Italians as chaos, I think they are doing a very good job. “