Land Rover Defender 110 P300 – TEST.  I already know what I would buy!

Land Rover Defender 110 P300 – TEST. I already know what I would buy!

And God forbid I don’t mean configuration. Yes, indeed, it is interesting. The defender looks like the banned types with UZI in hand are about to jump out the windows and hit agent 007 at full speed.

This Land Rover looks like someone has asked “which parts should be black” and the answer was “Yes”. Everything that could be ordered in black was ordered. Including incredibly large, for an SUV, 22-inch rims. Not worth the money – they cost more than 20,000. PLN and is the most expensive option.

Land Rover Defender is not cheap, but how good it is!

In general, when it comes to options, there are not many of them here – the tested version of X-Dynamic SE is well equipped, and. The configurator includes colors, rims, black bag, dark windows, hooks and excellent upholstery. And very good Matrix LED lights. Others were basically there. And there was nothing missing for me. Plus, it’s a “semiconductor version” – the car has a small Pivi Pro multimedia screen and not a full digital clock. And it doesn’t bother me either, because everything is readable and works quickly. Multimedia has access to Android Auto and CarPlay and is very efficient and convenient. And in addition Meridian’s voice sounds great.

This Defender is sold for PLN 455,000, and the same version without any extras currently costs around PLN 402,000. A lot of? A lot of!

But will we find something competitively cheap?

Well, what is the Defender competition? The G-class seems to be closer, however, prices are in place. Plus, Mercedes (which I love) is the best and the worst at the same time. Best because the interior is top class when it comes to materials and finishes. Worse, because the Defender is a better SUV, more comfortable, more practical and … bigger.

Consistent performance

In fact, this title is incompatible with attempts to control the Great Guardian around the city, it is incompatible. Land Rover’s proposal is great for those looking for a classic family SUV. Everything fits in the side-opening luggage compartment (there is a high threshold, but you can lower it a little “on pneumatics”), it will tow 3.5 tons if you like a caravan, and the back is very spacious. It’s also quite comfortable – the bed has nice details.

Optionally, the car can also have heated rear seats or four-zone climate control – if it only carries air from the back.

Up front, I was also surprised by the comfortable seats, good driving position and well-organized interior. Not only does it look great, it will also fit all your small items, phones, drinks and similar travel accessories. The cabins are spacious, there are USB and USB-C ports, heated seats (optional ventilation) and armrests.

And a shelf that runs the entire width of the interior – rubberized, with a deep edge, is on the left side of the clock and behind the multimedia screen.. Nothing falls from it and it does not move. There is also a comfortable shelf on the floor between the armchairs. And remember that the Defender can be ordered with a cabin without a central console, and a flat aisle. And also with the third seat in front.

The interior is not only spacious and practical, but also ergonomic. And what we expect from a car for more than 400,000 – high quality.

This quality is high enough, but not exaggerated. Range Rover is from above. The Defender is well-rounded and well-equipped, but don’t make me afraid to mess it up. This is how it should be in a car that has off-road ambitions.

Location? True, but maybe not in this version

Of course, our Defender had everything possible electronic systems, 2nd Terrain Response, Configurable Ride Modes, Adjustable Air Suspension and Damper. So it has the same great off-road qualities as it should – including a depth of 90cm and ground clearance of up to 29cm (21.8 in “street” mode).

It’s just that It is equipped with the aforementioned 22 rims, and road tires with a size of 275 / 45R22.. Well, not a good choice for an off-road vehicle.

The guard

I wouldn’t pick them at all. In addition to the wonderful white “nibs” (18 “), which Defender looks brilliant, 20” in this car is a maximum that does not hinder comfort. Land Rover on these wheels transmits vibrations on uneven surfaces to the interior, despite the excellent pneumatics.. In this regard, I have nothing to complain about, because the suspension is exactly what I would expect.

It’s soft enough to be comfortable, but firm and secure enough to drive normally. Of course, it leans into curves and the steering is not suitable for sporty driving, but … this is a Land Rover Defender, not a Porsche 911. Besides, “Def” weighs about 2.2 tons and has a high center of gravity – quick turns are by definition not an option.

It is also worth being careful in the city. It is true that the cameras (360 degrees) are of good quality, but the SUV is very large – with an additional wheel it is more than 5 meters. Even the “bad” includes the height. You should be careful in the parking lots in shopping centers, because in normal condition, it is 1.97 meters high.

The enemy will not be afraid of the engine

Although the Defender looks like a “bad guy” car, or at least the bodyguard of Mr. President, the unit under the hood is not one of the most dangerous. Although it has good parameters on paper, I think it is the worst choice for this model.

Defender is powered by a two-liter gasoline engine with 300 hp and 400 Nm of torque – enough to accelerate to 100 km / h in 7.4 seconds. Which is a good result. In addition, he works quite culturally. But that’s about it for the benefit. The gearbox works well and does its best to hide the shortcomings of the power unit, but aerodynamics and weight on the other hand do what they want with it.

In other words, it’s a classic engine that says: “it may not be fast, but it burns a lot”. It is the only four-cylinder unit in the range and at this price it also creates some dissonance.

But I was more disappointed with the high-speed dynamics – as long as I was driving alone, it was quite good, but with 5, 6 or 7 people on board (because such a Defender can be marked P300), or with a trailer, it will be difficult .

And that is fuel consumption. In the city, even at night, it was difficult for me to stay below 13 l / 100 km. On the road, 9.5 is the minimum, and if you intend to use the highway, prepare for a minimum of 15 l / 100 km.. This car is more logical and weak on paper, but a more economical six-cylinder diesel engine – like the D250.

Oil consumption Land Rover Defender P300
at 100 km/h: 9.5 l / 100 km
at 120 km/h: 11.3 l / 100 km
at 140 km/h: 15.5 l / 100 km
in the city: about 14 – 16 l / 100 km

Plus, it goes to the Defender on mute – You can hear some noise around the mirrors, but that’s it. And you can always play loud music.


If not for the engine and rims, I’d have a hard time finding fault with the Defender. It is possible that my off-road colleagues would find something more – I considered it an SUV and here it works brilliantly. I played with the configurator and found the version that works for me. With everything I could want (including ventilated seats, a heated rear seat, a different white roof and a few other accessories), and a D250 diesel, it costs more than PLN 470 thousand. zlotys.

And that would be the perfect SUV.