Land Rover Defender 75th Limited Edition from Jaguar Land Rover dealer JB Cars in Monza

Land Rover Defender 75th Limited Edition from Jaguar Land Rover dealer JB Cars in Monza

The popular car, is also celebrated with a limited edition. And 75th Limited Edition Land Rover Defender available from the dealer JB Cars at Monza. Indeed, in the showroom through Azzone Visconti, the quality and extraordinary level of the new car can be felt.

It is a common practice for Land Rover to celebrate the most important anniversaries with the launch of special editions. In this case, the limited version possibly matches and possibly surpasses the original version presented in 1948 at the Amsterdam motor show.
Since its introduction, the new Defender has impressed and impressed customers from all over the world. Applications and storage are frequent and continuous. Interest, even months after the launch of the market, continues to remain high.

The Land Rover Defender 75th Limited Edition at the Jaguar Land Rover JB Cars dealership in Monza

What attracts Land Rover lovers is the spirit of this new car. This limited edition has fully captured the life of the past 75 years. His refined colors and details combine perfectly with new innovative technologies. There is also genuine interest at a local level in this new Land Rover product. As a Jaguar and Land Rover dealer JB cars have the possibility of customers touching the new Defender first and being able to buy it.

The Land Rover Defender 75th is available from the JB Cars dealership in Monza.

Land Rover Defender 75th Limited Edition, innovative configuration

The Defender 75th Limited Edition is available locally 90 and 110 versions. The exterior design has been studied with unique details, finished iniconic Grasmere Green tint and wheels that match the interior trim.

The same color, reserved for the Limited Edition of 75, can be found on the exterior of the car. THE the wheels are 20-inch alloys also in Grasmere Green with matching center caps. Compared to the standard version, the exterior has been modified with exclusive 75th Anniversary graphics, Ceres Silver stickers and Privacy Glass.

As far as the exterior is concerned, however, resistance and contrast are traditional to every Land Rover. The crossbar is finished with Grasmere Green Powder Coat and laser engraved details. The seats are upholstered in Resist Ebony.

The new Defender is equipped with modern technology, and includes a system of 3D rotating cameras, Matrix LED lights and configurable Scene Response. It is available in the P400e PHEV version, as well as the P400 and D300 with advanced hybrid technology.

How to get a new Defender. In Monza at Jaguar Land Rover dealer JB Cars in Monza

For to keep order The new arrival in the house of Land Rover can be contacted by a Official Land Rover Dealer In Monza, via Azzone Visconti 15 JB Cars dealer is available and ready to provide this type of service to its customers. In the Italian market, the Defender 75th Limited Edition is offered priority for current and former Defender owners of any version.

The Limited Edition exclusivity has made this Defender premium that can be collected. Not only. It was launched alongside a new range of Land Rover lifestyle products celebrating this historic moment. Among the products launched to celebrate this important anniversary: ​​a small watch with two straps, a functional bag and a dress with unique images and details of the 75th anniversary.