Land Rover Defender as powerful as Ferrari SF 90 Stradale!

Land Rover Defender as powerful as Ferrari SF 90 Stradale!

This extended defender has no reason to be ashamed of Ferrari.

Available in turbo V8 or 100% electric, it has more than 1,000 hp.

Here is the Scarbo Vintage SV Rover, a more than ordinary cruiser. Its wide and high chassis hides a mechanism of more than 1,000 hp. Just like the Ferrari SF90!

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Available in turbo V8 and 100% electric

The Scarbo Vintage SV Rover is available in a petrol version with a V8 engine with a maximum power of 1,100. To ensure comfortable freedom in the desert where this traveler will never have money like a camel, a 246 liter fuel tank is part of the package.

The car is available in electric and heated versions.© DR

A 100% electric variant is also on the program with a power of 1,020 hp and a 75 kWh battery. In both cases, it will have to rely on a bill approaching 1.4 million euross. This is the third model from Scarbo Vintage, the first two being the SV F1 and SV RSR. Each creation is a unique and custom-made work.

This amazing presenter is not afraid of any obstacle, its suspension has a travel of 76 cm. It can be equipped with two- or four-wheel drive as required, with a transfer case and lockable front and rear differentials.

Inspired by Ken Block’s Hoonipigasus

Note the greatly extended chassis.
Note the greatly extended chassis.© DR

It is the company that created the late Ken Block’s “Hoonipigasus” that is in charge. He fitted his beast with 20-inch forged wheels wrapped in 40-inch tires that wouldn’t fit under the massively widened fenders.

Air suspension allows you to always ride with the correct ride height and certain comfort when traveling on pavement. All four wheels are also steered. To stop the machine effectively, the 400 mm carbon-ceramic brake discs are held by six-piston Brembo calipers.

The Scarbo Vintage SV Rover has a two-seater interior.
The Scarbo Vintage SV Rover has a two-seater interior.© DR

In the Scarbo Vintage SV Rover, forget any family status, the car can only be appreciated as a duo in a setting where Alcantara and machined aluminum blend.

The instrument is based on a diagonal panel of 12.3 inches and a multimedia interface on the central screen of 12.8 inches. The rear of the car is reserved for the luggage compartment.

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