Land Rover Defender Manhart 2022. Belongs to club “500+”

Land Rover Defender Manhart 2022. Belongs to club “500+”

Its character is no longer strong, causing more car fans to buy it. Among them are, of course, fans of the amendment. And it was created for them Land Rover Defender Manhart 2022.

A dark body kit is immediately visible. It features revised bumpers, side skirts, a larger grille and a redesigned bonnet. It also makes an impression large 24-inch rims. It’s hard to believe that they fit well with a British car – no caricatured combination. They really “stay” like gold! It is worth noting that the tuner also offers a 22-inch alternative if one expects a higher level of comfort.

Land Rover Defender Manhart 2022

The modification was based on a three-liter turbocharged gasoline engine. The six-cylinder design provides 400 horse power in a rowwhich is worth enough to drive this colossus.

The Dark Pack emphasizes the British SUV’s specs

However, the tuner wanted users to have more possibilities. That is why the internal six is ​​producing now 512 horsepower and 710 newton meters maximum torque. It’s really a lot. For comparison, the flagship version with a 5.0 V8 engine has a power of 525 horsepower.

Defender Manhart
The inline six gasoline has been boosted to more than 500 horsepower

Land Rover Defender Manhart 2022 they will surely find their followers. Let us remind you that the basic version of the British SUV with a five-door body costs PLN 368,000. At this price, the customer receives the Hard Top Standard variant with a three-liter, 250 hp diesel.