Land Rover is disappearing to make way for 3 new brands

Land Rover is disappearing to make way for 3 new brands

Jaguar Land Rover Group’s chronic problems lead to a strategic reorganization of its divisions, for greater differentiation. Say goodbye to Land Rover, and hello to three new independent brands.

It is a brand that will celebrate 75 years this year. In 1948, the very first Land Rover (then a model within the Rover brand) came from the British Solihull chain. In 1978, eight years after the release of the Range Rover. The brand became completely independent. So he was preparing for the upcoming launch of a new one Discovery (1989) and Freelander (1997). Today he is counting seven models in its range. Four Range Rover (classic, Sport, Velar and Evoque), two Discovery (classic and Sport), plus The guard. With this diamond jubilee, the rising brand of the British Leyland group is now facing problems. With 269,120 cars sold worldwide in 2022, brand sales fell 20% ! Fortunately, the best-selling (and most expensive) Defender is less damaged, while an unprecedented electric variant of the Range Rover will arrive in 2023…

Land Rover and Jaguar, the old link

So the brand is at a strategic turning point, and a turnaround was long overdue. But Land Rover is also a Jaguar. The two British companies have had a close relationship for over 20 years. Ford bought Jaguar in 1990 and then Land Rover (from BMW) in 2000. The two brands have since become part of the same group, and continue to evolve side by side. shoulder Since 2008, they belong to the Indian automobile group Tata Motors. Jaguar also lacks iron health : -28.5% in worldwide sales in 2022, to 61,660 units.

The brand took an interesting decision a few months ago: that of not re-launching new products before 2025. It is this last time that the brand is no longer relevant. Electric models of the market only. In other words, hot Jaguars or hybrids are gone! These many problems forced the Jaguar Land Rover group to do review its copy, and its entire organizational chain

Four products within the new JLR group

Don’t say “Jaguar Land Rover” anymore, but JLR. The decision to change the name was announced a few months ago, and today we know more about the impact it will have on the group’s structure. The most popular news is that Land Rover will disappear. The brand will never exist again like that, and it will cut into three different products. Discovery of mid-range SUVs, Range Rover for luxury SUVsand Defender for off-road/4X4. Jaguar will focus on what it does best: sedans, coupes and roadsters.

The famous Land Rover green stripe will continue to appear on models and in product communications. But it will be presented in the background, after those of one of the three new units. Finally, the current models of the manufacturer already show the selection DEFENDER, RANGE ROVER or DISCOVERY. So it’s more the way brands are organized, model development and key strategic directions of each that will actually change. For customers and lovers of the British brand, it is finally a storm in a teacup.

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