Lando Norris disputes preferred role at McLaren: “That’s not true at all”

Lando Norris disputes preferred role at McLaren: “That’s not true at all”

Remy Ramjiawan

Lando Norris says he is still struggling with MCL36 as well. The team car is difficult to control and the Englishman shows that the car is not suitable for his driving style. The idea arose that the team is working on behalf of Norris, but he wants to remove the story.

Norris is not the only one who has problems with the car, his teammate Daniel Ricciardo is also not getting the right feeling with the car. It has meant that the Australian and McLaren will part ways at the end of the year. Bee Norris talks about the season and reveals that the team initially developed a car that best suited his teammate. Despite this, Ricciardo couldn’t handle it, resulting in a difference of 69 points in favor of the Englishman.

‘It doesn’t fit’

Norris explains that he can’t fly high with the current car. “It’s not that I hate the car I’m driving now, but it’s not very suitable for my driving style. I feel that I’m driving a car that has exactly the characteristics of the car I had in my first year in Formula. “1 ​​(in 2019),” he compares. After last year , it was briefly thought that McLaren, along with Ferrari, would dominate the premier class this season, but where the Italians have stepped up compared to previous years, McLaren have lagged behind.

Lando Norris

‘McLaren doesn’t like me’

On the other hand, he revealed that it’s not that he feels good and Ricciardo feels bad in the car, but that both of them are having a bad time. In addition, Norris says that the team is not only working for him, but also trying to improve Ricciardo’s performance. “It’s been said that Daniel doesn’t agree with the car and everyone thinks that I change and that the car is built around me, but that’s not true at all. At the beginning of the year it was better for Daniel than for me, in the way you had to drive, and that’s what I struggled with very much at the beginning of the season,” he explains.

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