Larissa Pauluis and Flambeau have a strong lead in the Belgian Championship

Larissa Pauluis and Flambeau have a strong lead in the Belgian Championship

Larissa Pauluis with Flambeau in BC Photo: Digishots

Larissa Pauluis had a very successful day in Lier yesterday. During the second part of the heavy Belgian Championship, he took the victory and Flambeau (by Ampère) (73.362%) and his second trump The first step Valentin (with Vitalis) achieved a good third place (71.192%) in the Special Grand Prix.

“I feel like yesterday was one of the best Grand Prix classes I’ve done with Flambeau so far. Today Flambeau was more aggressive and that made it more difficult to go through the test without mistakes. It’s a shame about the (big) hidden mistakes, but I’m still happy with him . The scores are going up and he is getting better and better, especially in the last few months he has made great progress. I think I need another year with him and then I will have him 100% ready the way I want him to be, and then he will be a top Grand Prix horse.”

Second property

Pauluis has a second Grand Tour triumph on his Stage One Valentin. “Valentin did better today than yesterday. He has shown his great qualities so far especially at home in training, but the measurements are also getting better. He also needs time to develop and get more focus, which is not easy for him as a horse. But I also feel that he is the promise of the future.”

Third place in the Special Grand Prix today went to Amandine Prevost and her robodance (and Quaterback), this combination scored 71.915%. On Saturday the Heavy Tour riders have a rest day, on Sunday they decide the podium place of the Belgian Championship as a whole in freestyle.

Laura Luyten and J2l Lamborghini lead the U25

On Thursday they became second during the first part of the Belgian U25 Championship, on Friday they won the test. Laura Luyten and J2L Lamborghini (by Bon Bravour) scored 70.436% in the Grand Prix section and thus remained ahead of the competition.

‘Couldn’t be better’

“It went very well in the ring today so I am very happy. I enjoyed my test as much as I expected and I don’t think it could have been better. We raised Lamborghini ourselves and I have been riding him since he was 3 years old, he is a very good horse, mainly because he loves to compete and always wants to work hard for you.”

Zafeda’s three descendants in BK

Not only does the Lamborghini come from Laura’s own breeding farm, but so do the other two horses she is starting this BK with. These are Lotus Elan J2L (and Ferdeaux) with whom he starts Level 4 and a Small Tour horse J2L Fascinating Star (v. beautiful). And what is even more special: these three horses all come from the same horse! “The horses I brought to this championship are all from our San Remo mare Zafeda. She is our favorite sire, because she gives us good, cooperative horses that are good and forward. To be able to ride here with her three children is very special. !”

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