Last year’s winner Larry ten Voorde guarantees himself a good start to the season

Last year’s winner Larry ten Voorde guarantees himself a good start to the season

In 2021 and 2022, Larry ten Voorde was already unbeatable in the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup race in Monte-Carlo. The Dutchman from the GP Elite team will also start from a good position in the 2023 season opener on Sunday. In qualifying at the Formula 1 circuit on the streets of Ukuu, he was once again fastest. Second and third places were obtained by two drivers of BWT Lechner Racing, Harry King from England and Porsche Junior Bastian Buus from Denmark.

Less than a second separated the ten fastest teams in qualifying for the season-opening Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup in Monte-Carlo. The first two rows went to the GP Elite and BWT Lechner Racing teams. The best position for Sunday’s race went to GP Elite driver Larry ten Voorde, who had previously set the best time in practice. The Dutchman shares the front row with Britain’s Harry King, who lapped the 3.337km Formula 1 circuit by around two-tenths of a second slower. Third fastest was King’s BWT Lechner Racing teammate, 19-year-old Porsche Junior Bastian Buus from Denmark. Fourth place on the grid went to Loek Hartog, who is also competing for the GP Elite team.

“I think it would have been faster towards the end,” analyzed Larry ten Voorde, who set the best time at the start of qualifying on his first set of tyres. “But on the lap with the second set of tires I made too many mistakes.” Harry King had a similar opinion. “Of course, the track went faster towards the end of qualifying. “Unfortunately, I had to stop my last attempt at Larry’s best time prematurely because of the red flag,” the Englishman summed up. In fact, qualifying was interrupted twice due to minor accidents, which almost always lead to roadblocks narrow in the urban canyons of Monte Carlo.

Fastest in practice and qualifying: The Dutchman from the GP Elite team is once again in his class at the Formula 1 circuit in Monte Carlo.


Bad luck and bad luck every minute marked the course of qualifying for Porsche Junior Bastian Buus. “I was on a fast lap with my second set of tires, which I had to stop because of the first red flag. However, after that, I was the only one in the leading group who was able to complete the lap without a hitch before the second interruption . That was my fastest lap, so I can’t complain,” he said, explaining his way to third place. Buus is on the grid on the second row next to Dutchman Loek Hartog.

The fastest qualifier was also a driver from the GP Elite team: Huub van Eijndhoven from the Netherlands, eighth fastest, relegated another Supercup newcomer to ninth place, the Italian Giorgio Amati from the Dinamic Motorsport team.

Former motorcycle world champion Jorge Lorenzo: a video game is being developed

As a five-time motorcycle world champion, Jorge Lorenzo also knows many Formula 1 races from a driver’s perspective. However, the circuit in Monte Carlo is completely new territory for the 36-year-old Spaniard, who drives with an Italian racing license. After a season in the Porsche Carrera Cup Italia, Lorenzo contests his first race as a regular participant in the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup for the German team Huber Racing on Sunday.

“I prepared with video games and in the simulator. So basically I know where to go,” joked Lorenzo, who drove the VIP 911 at the Supercup race in Imola, Italy last year. “But of course it’s still something completely different to drive the Porsche 911 Cup GT3 on this unique race. I have to admit: It’s harder than I expected. The slightest mistake and you end up in the crash barrier. However, it’s a great feeling to enjoy this unprecedented heavy atmosphere with fans in packed stadiums.”

Monaco debut for five-time motorcycle world champion: Spain’s Jorge Lorenzo takes part in his first Supercup season


Lorenzo starts the season’s first race of the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup from 24th place. “I improved by almost two seconds in qualifying compared to practice, which is positive. However, I am still further off the pace than I would like,” he admitted. “My goal for the race: Better than 20th place to make the rounds.”

Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup season opener on TV and online

The opening race of the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup will take place on Sunday (May 28, 2023) from 11:55 am CEST over 17 laps. In German-speaking countries, Eurosport and Sky Sport television channels will show the race live. Streaming service is also broadcasting.

Qualifying results, round 1 Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup, Monte-Carlo (Monaco)

1. Larry ten Voorde (Netherlands/Team GP Elite), 1:33.573 minutes

2. Harry King (Great Britain/BWT Lechner Racing), +0.190 seconds

3. Porsche Junior Bastian Buus (Denmark Lechner Racing/BWT), +0.254 seconds

4. Loek Hartog (Netherlands/Team GP Elite), +0.273s

5. Dorian Boccolacci (France/CLRT), + 0.362 seconds

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