Laura Luyten Glundert during BK Lier

Laura Luyten Glundert during BK Lier

Yesterday they were second during the first part of the Belgian U25 Championship, today they won the class! Laura Luyten and J2l Lamborghini scored 70.436% in the Grand Prix section, staying ahead of the competition. Laura goes to this championship with three trumpets, all three are from her breeding with one mother.

“It went very well in the ring today so I am very happy. I enjoyed my test as much as I expected and I don’t think it could have been better. We raised Lamborghini ourselves and I have been riding him since he was 3 years old, he is a very good horse, mainly because he loves to compete and always wants to work hard for you.”

All three BKs are from the same mother

Not only does the Lamborghini come from Laura’s own breeding farm, but so do the other two horses she is starting this BK with. These are the Lotus Elan J2L (v. Ferdeaux) with which he starts Level 4 with Small Tour horse J2L interesting Star (and Charmeur). And what extra it’s special: these three horses all come from the same stallion! “The horses I brought to this championship are all from our San Remo horses Zafeda. He is our favorite groom, because he gives good, companionable horses that are good and forward. Being able to ride here with her three children is terrible Special!”

Good percentage for Juniors, Ponies and Children

In Juniors, victory in the first part of the championship went to the strong rider Clara Collard. Of Space scored 73.424%, putting this combination well ahead of the competition. Anna Peeters finished in second place and Harlequin (72.515%) and in third place Xyliana Bandit and Hamlet (69,455%).

In the Individual test of ponies it was again LiezelEverars who left victorious. He fasted with him Fs Capelli The Niro 75.297% and again eliminated the number two, Anna Peeters Balotelli (72,000%), sit comfortably in the front. Sophia Leo and Biebosschen Dolino EC won third prize with 70.919%.

Also Evelyn Dieltjens he managed to score a big goal with his Bonaire van de Mottelhoeve. Inside of Children class, this good combination got 75.600%. The second prize was like yesterday for Leontine Lemmens and Erpedo Ex to doStables and 65.975%.

Jette de Jong’s class aside in Young Operators

Today the youth have started Operators for their championship and Jette de Jong was in a class of its own. He acted with Heaven personality winning the class with 72.294% and with him India was second with 72.147%. The top three was completed by Zoë Niessen and Felitiawho got 70,000%.

Eline Borrey The Koninck revenge
Yesterday they finished second, today they drew Eline Borrey The Koninck and Haresel at the longer end. With 72.118% were convincing winners in Inter I try, the second part of the Belgian Championship for the Mini Tour. Laura Luyten took it place on the second stage of the microphone, its test with J2L interesting Star was awarded 70.294%. The third prize today went to yesterday’s winners, Sophie van Lent-Baetens and NiceJacky O at 70.118%.

High marks for young horses

After being allowed to do a practice round on the track yesterday under the guidance of Gert Jan van Olst, today the Young Horse tests were given as a competition. It came to 4 year olds Obligado (v. Incognito) and Katrien Verreet as the winners from the war with 79 points, followed by Gatineau(v. Guardian S) and Laura Smet with 76 points. There were many goals for 5-year-olds: with 83.6 points, Sacramento tied. e.g Bloemenhof (v. secret) and Surya Hendrikx on the longer end, followed by Netaliq cool horse (v. Franklin) and Isabel Cool with 82.6 points.

The 6-year-old class won Rev Van’t Amaryshof (v. Ferdeaux) and stories Vandenborne with a minimum of 86 points, followed by Rianta Van de Kempenhoeve (s. Indian Rock) and Amber Heidbuchel with 80 points. Among the 7-year-olds, Quinten Begijnhoeve (s. Heros Begijnhoeve) and Tommie van scored especially. Puijen pants-Visser power, with 74.436%. Finished in second place Livia Diar (v. Johnson) with Katrien Verreet and 71.275%.

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