Le Mans on ServusTV: “At least a three-way battle” / MotoGP

Le Mans on ServusTV: “At least a three-way battle” / MotoGP

ServusTV broadcasts MotoGP from Le Mans live on Saturdays and Sundays. Specialist Gustl Auinger gets a temporary remainder after Jerez GP and names the nominees for the seventh race of the 2022 season.

In the European drivers’ circle, world champion Fabio Quartararo insists that this year, too, the title can only be won by the current prime minister. ServusTV specialist Gustl Auinger adds: “He will also be encouraged in the home Grand Prix.”

Pecco Bagnaia sets the first example

Francesco Bagnaia needed five World Cup races in order to advance. At the sixth station in Jerez, the vice-world champion delivered a flawless weekend with his first win of the season from a good position. Auinger: “Winning a song that doesn’t necessarily target Ducati was a clear sign.”

For the Italian working team, the long-awaited success could represent a turning point in the world championships. “As soon as Pecco realizes that something is going on, he puts an impressive array of qualifications, like last year, that takes our breath away.” In fact, Jerez Yamaha has his own number. “But he never gave Fabio Quartararo a spark of space.”

Aleix Espargaró impresses with his firmness

The ServusTV specialist was also delighted with the performance of second World Cup winner Aleix Espargaró. “You have to remember him all the time. So far, Aleix has not disappeared from any song – especially not Jerez, where he was not very optimistic before.” Auinger even thinks that driver Aprilia can fight for the title. “His consistency is very important to the World Cup.”

Suzuki announces the departure of MotoGP

Suzuki made the shocking news last week: With the intention, officially confirmed today, to withdraw at the end of the season, the Japanese manufacturer shocked the whole area, especially since the contract with the Prime Minister’s contract had been extended until the end of 2026.. “The world has no end. No one and no one can be changed,” says Auinger. “But the brand is MotoGP. Suzuki has an incredible history in the game and has created the best bikes in all previous categories.”

Even now, no team is making the most of its opportunities. “Joan Mir was a world champion a year and a half ago. Alex Rins fell a lot of times last year but it has been consistent this year. And both are in the race for the title.” Je! should you be afraid of declining performance in a traditional race team? “I’m not afraid, this season’s budget is planned. And the drivers will be committed to everything, for them it’s about the future. “

Are the three brands vying for the victory of the day?

Next weekend in Le Mans, however, local hero Fabio Quartararo will be the center of attention, especially since the Bugatti circuit has been in a long position. “He proved in Portimão and Jerez that he can always win wherever the highest speed is needed,” the ServusTV expert said. “But if the song is suitable for Yamaha, then it is suitable for Suzuki. So we will get at least one three-way battle.”

Because even the red athletes from Bologna have excelled in the last three years in the Pays de la Loire with three wins and three drivers each in the top 5. “A straight line is always a straight line. Ducati can also use its strength in short.” But: “If Yamaha and Ducati are in a heated argument, one of the two Suzuki’s will be there.”

On the fascinating route of Le Mans

When it reaches the race point, ServusTV takes a closer look at Le Mans’ historic sports car. Emphasis is also placed on world champions and defending champion Fabio Quartararo in the home race. And of course there is a recent development in Causa Suzuki. Moto2 shows the winner of Jerez Ai Ogura.

Eve Scheer and Gustl Auinger capture sound and atmosphere from the Circuit Bugatti pits, with Christian Brugger and Alex Hofmann commenting.

“Shark Grand Prix de France” LIVE on ServusTV:

Saturday (May 14)
12:25 pm: Start of live broadcasting
12:35 pm: Qualification Moto3 LIVE
1:30 pm: 4th session free practice MotoGP LIVE
2:10 pm: Qualification MotoGP LIVE
3:10 pm: Qualifying Fire2 LIVE
3:50 pm: Graduation analysis

Sunday (May 15)
10:20 am: Start of live broadcasts
11:00 a.m.: Race Moto3 LIVE
12:20 pm: Race Moto2 LIVE
2:00 pm: MotoGP LIVE Race
2:45 pm: MotoGP Analysis

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