Lego releases a 2,336-piece Land Rover Defender 90 kit

Lego releases a 2,336-piece Land Rover Defender 90 kit

Lego has unveiled a 2,336-piece Land Rover Defender 90 kit, providing a test of engineering prowess for the hardiest Lego builders.

The set, released Monday, features a highly detailed replica of the iconic off-road vehicle, complete with a four-speed sequential gearbox, working steering wheel, and a rear winch. It also includes a detailed dashboard, dashboard-mounted gearshift lever, and side-view mirrors.

The model is designed to be an exact replica of the classic Defender 90, down to its olive-green exterior and brown interior. Lego also included authentic Land Rover elements, such as the grille and headlight design, as well as a number of movable parts.

The kit is designed to provide a challenge for the most experienced Lego builders. It includes a complex gearbox, which must be assembled and connected to the vehicle’s drivetrain. This gearbox allows for a range of driving modes, from off-roading to low-speed driving.

The kit also includes a range of other elements, such as an engine block with piston and crankshaft, and a detailed suspension system. The set also includes a variety of accessories, such as a camping tent, a fishing rod, a cooler, and a picnic blanket.

The Lego Land Rover Defender 90 kit is now available for purchase. It is the latest in a series of complex Lego sets, which have become increasingly popular with adult fans of the brick-building brand. For those looking to test their engineering skills, the kit could be the perfect challenge.